My First Post…and so it begins!

I have been telling people for months that I’m going to start a blog. I figured the more people I told, the more I had to get it started so that I didn’t look like a failure. I got the idea in my head because someone close to me writes their own blog and it just seemed like a fun hobby to start.  I am not the best writer in the world, but creating a blog went well with an idea I had years ago – running a race in every state. These combined ideas were something that had meaning to me.  It joined some of my favorite things…running and traveling…and talking…I do a lot of that! I thought of running a race in every state awhile back but didn’t really think it was doable.  Now, as I’m turning 25 soon, I think I can make this idea doable and I’m going to! I’m starting in April, my birthday month, with my home state to kick it off. I will be, of course, posting about the races themselves, but I also would like to share my thoughts on all things running, fitness, and maybe a little bit about traveling.  Please let me know what you think and hopefully you’ll stay with me through my  project!

I have goals in mind, places to see, and races to do!

Ready…set…go!  I am officially a blogger!

Start when the gun fires!

7 thoughts on “My First Post…and so it begins!

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