First Run is set in stone!

Horsetooth Reservoir

I always get nervous about registering for races too far in advance… It usually freaks me out. For one, races cost a fair chunk of cash that I could definitely use on something else or save because most, if not all, are non-refundable. Also, I start thinking about the future, and the future freaks me out! What if I get injured? What if I can’t get that day off from work? What if I have a different job? What if I’m out of town? What if I’m sick? AHHH!! I don’t even know what I’m doing next week, let alone next month!

BUT, I did register for the Horsetooth half which is April 22nd. This will be my first run for my states series (even though I’ll probably do Colorado A LOT until I move).  I’ve done this race before, two years ago, but I chose it as my Colorado pick because I think it represents the state well. It’s located in Fort Collins which is where I went to school, so I have a small kind of fondness for the area. There are 3 HUGE hills to climb up, starting right in the beginning. The race starts at the stadium for CSU, and you literally go up! The scenery is beautiful, as you run along Horsetooth Reservoir. And, It ends at New Belgium Brewery, which has delicious local, Colorado beer!

When I last did this race, I trained for a half marathon, but I didn’t train hills. It wasn’t the up-hills that got me either (though, I was pretty slow climbing them) but rather the downhills from controlling my speed and catching my steps. This time, I think I’m good on the distance part, but really need to get some hill work in.  If anyone has tips on good hill drills, please let me know! I hope to beat my last time of 2 hours and 12 mins (which I feel is pretty decent for my first half), I think this is doable since I’m in a lot better shape that even two years ago.

Take a look at the race:

3 thoughts on “First Run is set in stone!

  1. I run in neighborhoods that are hill-y, so on any given run I will be going up or down for at least part of it. I think you should do a combination of drills including, long, steady up hill climbs (keep an even pace), hill repeats(run up a steeper, shorter hill at a faster pace, then walk down and repeat), hill runs (running up and down several hills along your route keeping your pace and not walking at the top, nor losing control on the downhill). Also, for the downhill, I talk to myself and think intently on having strong ankles and paying attention to where I’m putitng my feet, so I don’t trip, fall or roll my ankle. Practicing all of these will help you be prepared for race day and also to add variety to your running.

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