Caballo Blanco – Inspiring many, was found dead

After reading “Born to Run” I was inspired by the life of Caballo Blanco or as many know him by his real name, Micah True. I wish this was an April Fools Joke, but unfortunately it’s not. This ultra-runner went out for a run a few days before, and never came back. They found his body in the forest in New Mexico but don’t know what happened.

micah true

An inspiration to many

The little I know about him, I found myself wishing I had a life like his…he seemed like such a free spirit, just traveling (and running) everywhere. He actually had a home in Boulder, CO, which is 20 min from where I’m from. He would also travel to Mexico a lot, as read about in “Born to Run”

For more information, here’s the news story I found: Renowned runner Micah True’s body found  and from the New York Times

Also, this blogger has a better way with words than me: Lightpaw’s take on Micah True

I think I’m going to go for a long run to remember him by!

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