Quarter Life Crisis

Today is my 25th birthday. I honestly don’t know how I feel about it. I know it’s not that old, but I really don’t like the age 25. I feel like anything under that and you’re still considered “young.” Under 25, it’s ok to not have the career you want, be married/have kids or to not be living where you want to be….but as soon as you turn 25, and you don’t have those things, you instantly become lame. That’s the only description I have for it.  Although, I have no desire to have kids or be married any time soon or maybe ever! BUT, I do have a lot going for me! lol. And running is always a constant in my life!

I think this project must be my quarter life crisis.  I got a crazy whim/idea and just went with it!  If this is what I come up with for my quarter life crisis…I can’t even imagine what I’ll do when I turn 50 *shudder*

For my B-day this year, I got to spend time with my mom on Wednesday. We went to a delicious Greek restaurant, saw The Lorax (super cute!) and ate delicious white chocolate, raspberry cheesecake!!!! mmmmm….I’m a big fan of cheesecake! She also got me BEAUTIFUL (real) diamond earrings! My friend at work brought me a TON of easter candy…my favorite candy holiday. My boss brought me a cake! It’s like these people think I like sugar or something!?! My actually b-day day isn’t that exciting because I work at night, but I did a little bit of exercising this morning (I have a physical fitness test for a job I REALLY want) and I think I’m going to treat myself to sushi later before work. But this weekend I plan on celebrating at the bars with friends…. but enough about that stuff….

People think I like sugar……ok ok… I LOVE sugar…….no no, I’m ADDICTED to sugar…..here’s my birthday treats, so far!

I honestly don’t know where I was going with this post, but here’s the things I’d like to get accomplished before my next bday:

1. Knock out a bunch of states for Racing the States

2. Do a full marathon

3. Start training for a triathlon…maybe start with a sprint triathlon.

4. Take the GRE!!

5. Apply to grad schools/get in/go OR find a career that actually uses my major

6. Stay fit..at my current weight…with wiggle room….I’d like to stay around what I weigh, but I’d also like to gain more muscle tone..so that might actually weigh more but look smaller.

7. MOVE! either states or just out of the place I live now!

8. Keep up with this blog.

I think all of these things are doable. I’ll just have to check back in a year to this post to see if I accomplished them!


My first Racing The States race is in 9 days!!!! The Horsetooth Half is approaching! With my runs the last couple of days, I do feel confident again that I can do it.

I registered for the Bolder Boulder yesterday…supposed to be America’s Best 10k…I’ve done it the last two years…and it is pretty fun! It’s on May 28th.

OH YEAH! My favorite news! I’m doing the Rugged Maniac with a good friend May 19th!!! I’m soooo excited for this! The only race/obstacle course I’ve done was the Tough Mudder (which I’m wearing my Tough Mudder shirt right now! hahaha) and that was 10 miles..so I should have this in the bag!

Other states: The Run for the Zoo in New Mexico is coming up in less than a month! I’m getting geared up for that. I’m doing the 10k though. And I found my Montana race!! I’ll be doing the Missoula Mile.  I know, I know, it’s only a mile..but I happened to already have to be in Missoula that weekend…so I thought It was perfect!

20 thoughts on “Quarter Life Crisis

  1. Happy Birthday! Enjoy each day, one at a time. I am 46, single, no children and have a fabulous life. I am a faster runner now than when I was 25, thinner, fitter, and wiser. Celebrate each day and celebrate being fabulous!

  2. Happy late birthday! Facing 25 was scary, but now that I’m a couple years past that, I am WAY more terrified of 30. I feel like that’s when you are really expected to start having kids and acting like a grown up, and I am so not ready!

      • I’m turning 30 in two weeks and I’m here to say it’s not bad or scary at all. I’m actually excited to be 30. I would say that right now is the BEST time of my life and I think my 30s will be no exception. I agree that 25 felt a little scary but about 2 weeks before my 26th bday I met my husband and my whole world changed for the better. And I’d say that I really hit my stride job wise around 27. Just wait. Things will turn out great for you 🙂 You have awesome sounding goals which I’m sure you’ll rock. Happy (belated) birthday 🙂

  3. I totally know what you mean about how you feel about turning 25! I turned 25 last year and felt exactly the same, I’m not in my ideal job, and not in my ideal relationship, and that feels so much more significant after age 25 :/ But this is the 21st century so we have much more time to get things sorted than they used to I guess 🙂
    Anyway, Happy Birthday 😀

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  5. Happy Super Belated Birthday! I feel bad as the oldest person commenting on this blog at 33. The good news about 25 your insurance on your vehicle should go down. 😉 Don’t let anyone tell you what you should be or shouldn’t be at any age. Where ever your at is perfect. Good luck on your marathon!

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