Outdoor Running Pet Peeves

MY RACE IS IN 2 DAYS!!! AHHH! To tide you over until the anticipated results (I know you’re all on the edge of your seats…don’t lie) of my first Racing the States race…here’s a Random Antic:

In preparation for my races, I run outside a lot..duh!  I’m conveniently located close to a couple really nice running trails/paths. (Trail is running is completely different, I understand this, I just called everything I run on a trail, like the side walk). However, lately I’ve been running into the most annoying people!!!!

(I was trying to insert a picture of the lake I run around, but the uploader wasn’t cooperating…I’ll have to show you the beautiful places I get to run some other day.)

Outdoor running pet peeves:

1. Dogs on those retractable leashes….these are the most unsafe leashes ever! But even worse, when owners aren’t paying attention and the dog is on the other side of the sidewalk from them and I have to literally jump over the leash! When I’m on mile 10, that extra jump may cost me the energy I need to make it home!

2. Aggressive dogs! I almost got bit in the leg the other day by a little ankle biter!! Seriously! I was minding my own business, ran by a lady and her little rat dog on a stupid retractable leash and the dog came charging after me growling! Luckily, I escaped just in time!  But in all seriousness, if I wasn’t running, I probably would have gotten bit.

3. Walking on the wrong side of the sidewalk…seriously, I live in America…and its common knowledge/curtosy to walk on the right side of the sidewalk…just like the cars on the streets! (It’s called Sidewalk etiquette as Title of the Day explains).  The worst part about it is I take up the least amount of space possible, I literally run right on the edge of the sidewalk (risking falling off at times) and if you’re walking towards me, you have plenty of time to get over…I’m on the CORRECT side of the sidewalk, thank you!

4. Groups of people taking up the whole sidewalk at a time! I know you can hear me coming, I run with very heavy feet…move over! I don’t want to fall into the lake!

5. CHILDREN!!! AHHHH!! yeah, I don’t like children that much (which is funny since I used to teach swim lessons to the little terrors) But seriously, maybe they should be on a leash! I don’t need to be hurdling children on little tricycles as they weave all over the side walks.

6. The ooooglers. You know who I’m talking about! The gross guys that undress you with their eyes while you’re running. Take a picture, you can stare at it longer…seriously. Or stare at someone else – 99% of girls have bigger, bouncier boobs than me..imagine undressing them, not me.

7. The wind! oh man, the WIND! I honestly don’t mind the resistance to my run…it makes me feel like I’ll be even stronger afterwards..Its the fact that the ever so slight turn in your angle against the wind and ear buds blow right out of your ears! again and again and again!

Do you guys have any other outdoor running pet peeves???

21 thoughts on “Outdoor Running Pet Peeves

  1. Oh man, sidewalk etiquette gets me every time. How do people not understand the simple concept of walking on the right side of the sidewalk? You do it when you drive, why not when you walk.

    Also, slow people who take up the whole sidewalk. I have no clue how one person can take up the whole path, but people do it and it’s so annoying. You try to pass and they move in front of you, then you dodge the other way and they go that way.

  2. Great list. Agree with them all! Hate those retractable leashes.
    8. Smokers. The possible VERY last thing I need is to inhale your second-hand smoke when I run by.

    • 8. Smokers for sure! I totally forgot to mention that! I hate running by smokers…I purposefully start fake hacking up a storm around them. And I forgot 9. Geese!!!! I don’t like birds.

  3. Definitely the large group of people taking up the entire walkway. Wind bothers me. But I think the thing that irks me the most is when you’re running on a trail and you have someone that runs full out to beat you…only to die off 15 feet ahead….that’s when you just smile and run by them for good.

  4. My number one running pet peeve is that stubborn ear bud that refuses to stay in your ear while you run! I love listening to music while I run, but unless my earbuds are securely fastened onto my ears like a lock-and-key, it’s a real struggle!

    • do you mind wearing earhooks? the pair i have now is by FAR the best i’ve ever had, in terms of staying in my ears and just simply lasting forever. they’re philips brand, SHS3217 (if you want the white and green hehe). target sells them, you might like them if you haven’t tried them! : )

  5. Totally agree. I had to laugh at the mention of geese – whereabouts are you running? 🙂 We do have a very annoying bird in Australia called the magpie that likes to swoop people during breeding season. If you ever ran in Oz I bet you’d add “running past magpie nests frantically waving my arms above my head” to your list. Good luck with your first race!

    • hahaha that’s hilarious! I’m from Colorado, we have those canadian geese pretty much all year round it seems. They don’t swoop, but they casually cross the path like they own the place, but I’m actually terrified that they are going to randomly bite me! (or peck? lol) and they leave their disgusting goose poop everywhere!

  6. This is a great list! I really don’t like when people are walking on the wrong side of the road. I feel like when ever you pass them they give you a dirty look like you’re the one doing something wrong! 😛

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