Official Results Are In!

2012 Horestooth Half Marathon Official Results:

815    68/200    978     Whitney Vestal   25    F     2:08:31     2:07:59     9:46

That’s what was posted!!! This is why I am SOO excited: I actually ran faster than I thought!!!

Let me break it down for ya:  I was 815 out of 1565. 68/200 for my age/division. (The 978 was my bib number). And the first time it shows there is my time from the gun shot, but my actual time from start to finish was 2:07:59!! Which means I beat my last time by 5 minutes and not 4! lol only a minute difference, but I’m still excited to see that. The last number is my pace. Not too bad, I’m not the fastest runner in the world, but my pace is consistently getting faster.


Mud Hen 5k in Longmont, CO in 2 days! And 9 more days till I’m headed to Alburqueque, NM for the Run for the Zoo!

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