Mud Hen 5K – Post Race Recap

running shirt

My oversized, wrinkly race shirt

As I drove home from work Friday night at like 12:30am (so Sat – race day- morning), the wind was in full gear. With the Mud Hen being only 9 hours away, I was starting to worry about race day conditions. I really wanted to PR but that kind of wind would not allow me. However, I woke up to a bright, sunny, windless day! It was slightly chilly just standing there, but of course, when you start running it was the perfect condition.

On that note, I DID PR!! I ran a 24:35 I believe. The results aren’t posted online yet, but I looked at the paper before I left and I’m pretty sure that was my time. I was the 13th woman, but 4th in my age/sex group. Don’t get me wrong, I’m so happy I got a PR but to be honest, I didn’t feel like I ran a strong race.

Back of shirt

I started off way TOO strong and ended up having to slow my pace way down only a mile or so into it. My hip really caused me problems right in the beginning, but luckily it went away (or maybe I ignored it) for the rest of the run. Afterward, though, it hurt horribly – and still does. I think it’s finally time to call in an injury and go to the doctor. I’ve tried regular stretching – a bunch of different stretches – and foam rolling, but nothing is targeting the painful area. I don’t think it’s a muscle. It hurts to walk upstairs. (And I actually went climbing the next day, and climbing didn’t hurt; going upstairs really brings out the pain).

I just didn’t feel well at all the whole race. I felt sluggish and tired. Possible because I worked the night before and I don’t honestly know how good of a sleep I got (I haven’t been sleeping well at all in general) – or I can come up with even more excuses like “It was because I ran in yoga pants this time”, or “I ate too BIG of a breakfast”… I don’t know. All I know is that I didn’t feel very strong.

Overall though, it was a decent run/day. It was great because my Mom ran it with me too! I believe she PR’d as well. And we followed up with race-provided snacks: Orange juice and muffins!

How did everyone else’s weekends go (especially for those of you that had races)??? Here’s a couple pics from the Mud Hen:

Post Race

Long’s Peak in the background












CORRECTION: I didn’t noticed that the official results were posted until after this post was published. My time was: 24:39. I was only off by a few seconds though ; )








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