Rugged Maniac – Pre Race Review

This Saturday, I will be doing the Rugged Maniac with my friend here in Denver! I’m really excited for this race because it’s not just running – you get to go over obstacles and through mud!!!

I’ll probably go more in detail about each obstacle in my post race recap, but it looks like there will be plenty of mud, water, things to climb over, things to dive under…..but what I am really looking forward to is the fire pit to jump over!!!

Last year when I did the Tough Mudder, there was supposed to be fire to jump over, but due to fire bans for our dry state, they had to eliminate that obstacle. I was pretty bummed. Jumping over fire seems like such an empowering thing!!  It shows it as one of the obstacle on this course map, so hopefully this race will keep it!

Its a 5k course, with 18 obstacles to conquer and I have only one goal for this race:


Hahaha! I have no expectations for this race except just that: to have a blast! Me and my friend Shay, who writes SkinPoetyPhotography (check her stuff out – she’s pretty awesomely talented), will be competing in this event. She told me the other day that she doesn’t think she’ll be in good enough shape, but I don’t believe her! She’s got rock climber strength to get over all the obstacles! She’ll probably have to pull me over the walls!

In all seriousness, I’m sure she’ll be fine and I’m not too worried either! I don’t think I’ll be setting any records by any means, but I feel like I’m in pretty good shape. I survived Tough Mudder last year – and that was pretty hard! – so I should be fine! Looks like the weather is projected to be beautiful, so we shouldn’t be too cold when we splash in the mud; and I just hope I get off work at a reasonable hour since it’s saturday morning!

In preparation for the race (as I do with all races) I read over their entire website and any emails I have received. I found this funny comment in the FAQ’s: “What happens if it rains?  – The race will not be canceled for rain! This is Rugged Maniac, not a tea party at the retirement home.” So there you have it!

Speaking of Tough Mudder, I was potentially going to do that event again this year…however, the friend I was going to compete with and I sucked at coordinating things and we missed all the early event registrations…now the price is up to $200!!! Way to much for me at this time in my life. Oh and he kinda broke his wrist a few days ago, so I guess it was not meant to be!  I really do like the Tough Mudder event series, and will do another in the future, maybe in another state to do some different obstacles (and maybe less-cold water!) Last year’s event was a blast! Very challenging, but a blast!

Other Updates:

The following weekend I have two races: The Color Run -Denver, which looks like a blast and The Bolder Boulder…I feel super competitive for this race – and to see if I can match or beat my PR from two weekends ago!

The Weekend after that…On to Montana! I will be visiting family and running the Missoula Mile! A short race to benefit prostate cancer awareness and to knock off Montana! I’m super excited!!

7 thoughts on “Rugged Maniac – Pre Race Review

  1. What an exciting line up of races you have! I was thinking about doing the color run in Cleveland in June, but it is on my boyfriend’s brithday and he’s not much of an early riser. I figured I’d let him decide what he wants to do on his day 😛

  2. that sounds like a fun run! I’m still trying to decide on mud run myself… I think it’d be fun to do one with a group of friends where i’m not killing myself for a faster time for once!

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