The Color Run – Pre Race Review

Doesn’t that just look like a blast?! I’m so exited for this race!! A friend of mine posted a link to the Color Run months ago on my Facebook wall thinking I might like to do it. Sure enough, he was right! I registered shortly after.

The Denver Color Run has partnered with The Children’s Hospital as the local charity to benefit; which is a great reason to run – even if I don’t like children!!! haha jk! I think all the other states have different charities to benefit including other children’s hospitals. I like that idea of a “chain run” but each state gets to personalize with their own local charities. The Denver run apparently sold out really fast, but it seems like a lot of the Color Runs in other states have been selling out as well. Well no wonder, because it looks like the most fun run ever!

Pretty picture of City Park I found online; Surprisingly, from growing up in CO, I don’t have any pictures of City Park really!

Denver’s Color Run will be held in City Park; which is a lovely part of the city. This where the zoo and museum are and the park itself is very pretty and full of unique statues. From growing up in Arvada (pretty much Denver; it’s a little suburb just north-west of Denver) I’ve been to City Park countless times for various events, field trips, other races, and of course, I’ve been to the zoo more times than I can remember.

As I am to understand, the race is 5k, but I guess I wouldn’t really call it a “race.” Its sounds more like a party, a colorful party – minus the kegs, but probably not far off from something I’ve done in college. As you run along, each kilometer mark has a different color station where they throw 5 different colors at you. If you stand toward the outsides of the roads, you get blasted more than if you’re in the middle. You better believe I will be in the “high color” zone!

Color Run Denver

Race Packet!

After getting back from picking up my packet, I started rummaging through the goodies….my t-shirt (that I’m actually going to save from the color because me and my friend are making our own tank tops to get fully colorful), head band (I’ll add it too my head band collection right next to my Tough Mudder one!), bib number, and the all important powder color bag to throw at the end ceremonies! Apparantly this is a big deal, but I wonder how many people make it to the end with their color packets because you have to carry it the whole time…it makes no sense…but I’ll have it with me none-the-less!

I have not goals for this race again, just to jog along, get as colored as I can and try and take some awesome pictures! And that’s pretty much the color run – pre race review summed up!


I’m still working on my Rugged Maniac Post Race Review…and we got back our professional photos!! They are pretty awesome!! Hopefully, I’ll be able to include some in my review!

This weekend is filled with the Color Run and on monday, I am also doing the Bolder Boulder, pre race review coming up next!

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