The Color Run – Post Race Recap

The Color Run was everything I hoped it would be!  Well, not so much RUN as Color PARTY, but still a blast none-the-less!

Saturday morning, I woke up after getting only about 3 hours of sleep AGAIN (I hate my job) making this race number 2 that I did with only 3 hours of sleep. My friend, Theresa that also ran in New Mexico with me, arrived at my place at 7:30 AM and we made our way over to the race. We sported our newly made tank tops to the event!

We also put “the Color Run” on the front

We found parking pretty easily because we know Denver well, but it wasn’t well listed on the info packet or website where they wanted you to park for the race. Luckily the museum has a 3 level underground parking garage that housed our car for the morning.


As we made our way across the field toward the start; you could already feel the energy bouncing from everyone! Music blared from the speakers….people we dancing…for being so early in the morning, everyone seemed to be full of energy and in a great mood!

denver color run start

Making our way across the field

We made our way to the back of starting line crowd. Thinking that we were running a little late because we were pretty far back was a mistake. Twice and many people that we passed filled in behind us! As we looked around, it was a sea of white! Everyone pre-race was bleach white waiting to be colored!

I don’t like children very much, but she was pretty adorable!

As we waited in line for our wave to start, we watched people practice with their color pouches by throwing them in the air to color bomb their friends.

Color practice

Then, Finally! It was our turn! We neared the starting line, music played and the DJ counted down! We made our way through city park. There was so many people, it would have been impossible to seriously run, but obviously you don’t sign up for the color run if you’re trying to PR. We jogged along, people watching, getting sprayed by peoples’ colors until the first color zone!

In the Color Zone!

I will tell you this….the color tastes disgusting!! I think it’s just dyed corn starch, so technically it is edible, but I highly recommend holding your breath as long as you can in the color zones! The website does suggest a scarf or something to tie around your mouth as well as sunglasses to protect your eyes. (The only thing I didn’t like about this race was the parents that brought small children…I saw numerous children crying because they didn’t understand to close their eyes or mouths and got a face full of color accidentally)

Another Color Zone

There were 4 color zones total: Blue, Orange, Green, and Yellow. I REALLY wanted a whole pink color zone, but no such luck, I had to wait till the color party afterwards to get pink-color-bombed.


We made our way to the Finish Festival where every 15 minutes they have a color throw countdown which makes for the famous color cloud that you see in the youtube videos.

The Finish Festival Color Party

It did look pretty cool being in the crowd when everyone threw their colors, but not gonna lie, it smelled gross, tasted nasty and made it really hard to breathe.

Color Cloud

After that, we walked around the booths and headed home! Awesome race! We both had a blast!


I just wish the color would have stayed in my shirt!

I just wish the color would haves stayed on my shirt!

Full Body Color

Full Body Color

9 thoughts on “The Color Run – Post Race Recap

  1. Fancy shirts! And good tip about not trying to eat/and or smell it! I’m planning on doing ours in August, and I probably wouldn’t have thought about a face scarf. And what is this no pink zone business?

  2. That looks like it was a blast! I have to admit I’m a little jealous – I wanted to do this run on Friday and the Bolder Boulder on Monday but it sold out before I finalized my travel plans! When did you register?!

  3. I was/still am debating on doing the Color Run where I live but I feel like the price is SO steep for a 5K, do you think it was worth it? It looks like you had a blast!

    • Sorry, for some reason, wordpress marked your comment as spam. Good thing this wasn’t that long ago! What is your registration cost? Mine was $40, which now that I look at it, that does seem expensive. BUT, if it’s any consolation, yes I think it was worth it because it was a great time…you get a tshirt, a headband, and a color packet to throw at the end with your registration cost. To be honest, now that I think about it, I don’t know if I would do it again for the price. Ya know, been there, done that; unless a friend begged me or something. SO hopefully that helps your decide.

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  5. I’m running this race in July. It has gotten me PUMPED! Now I need to buy a bandana and a pair of crappy sunglasses to cover my face. We don’t want me choking on or blinded by color bombs…..

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