If you don’t run on National Running Day, then you’re not a runner!

Happy National Runner’s Day! I never knew there was such a thing! And, yep, I’m going to go for a run here in a little bit because I feel like if you don’t run on Runner’s Day, you’re not a runner.

Actually, it will be my first run in a couple days….

So, Monday, I went out for a run, but only made it about a mile when the sidewalk attacked me. Seriously guys! It reached up, grabbed my foot and pulled me down!!!

Don’t worry, I fought back. I slammed my shoulder into the sidewalk and threw my knee at it too.

Jokes aside. I did fall. I tripped on a sidewalk crack and it was so sudden, I barely caught myself. I scrapped up the whole right side of my body: two big gashes on my knee and hip; and other random bruises and abrasions.

I bandaged myself up at work (yes, using supplies I use on animals, lol!) and took an anti-inflammatory.

I woke up the next day VERY SORE! My gashes hurt when I moved and my shoulder is REALLY beat up and stiff. It hurts to raise my arm. Yeah, I’m clumsy. (The full moon was definitely NOT on my side because the very same night I sliced open my thumb at work; so deep it probably needed sutures…).

So needless to say, I was scared of the sidewalk yesterday and decided to take a rest day. I literally watched South Park all day!

Today, however, I will go for a run! I better get my butt out there because I’m supposed to run a half on Sunday.

I signed up, and will be driving to Kearney, Nebraska this weekend for the Buffalo County Stampede Half Marathon. I’m actually pretty nervous because I haven’t really “trained” for this race. My last half was the Horsetooth Half in April and I’ve only ran 10 miles once since then. So, we’ll see! Lot’s of you whose blogs I read always say how you randomly just go out and run an half….and do well! I hope that’s me too! (Pre -Race Review coming soon!)

Also, some more good news is I will be going to Alaska the first week in July to see a friend! And, yep, I found a race! Which means I will be knocking off Alaska pretty early in the game! I’m really excited about that! (more to come on that soon!).

That’s about all the running updates I have today!

Hope everyone has a Happy Running Day! 

8 thoughts on “If you don’t run on National Running Day, then you’re not a runner!

  1. Oh my gosh, I’m glad you’re okay! Scary! I’ve never falling before while running (knock on wood!) Good luck at the half this weekend!

  2. A couple weeks ago I was in Dallas on business. I was distracted while running and the sidewalk jumped up and caught my foot. I don’t know if it was the adrenaline created by the fear of falling with broken ribs or by the embarrassment of falling, but I felt OK after I pushed myself back up and kept running. The next day, every muscle in my back hurt.

    Fortunately, those kinds of bumps heal up fairly quickly. Good luck in the half.

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