Buffalo County Stampede – Pre Race Review

Sunday, bright and early in the morning, I’ll be running a half marathon in Kearney, Nebraska! Doesn’t that sound like the most fun place EVER! I know you’re jealous – don’t lie to me! I will be participating in the Buffalo County Stampede.

I shouldn’t make fun of it too much, I do have a friend that lives there (which means I get a couch to crash on and I don’t have to pay for a hotel room!). I’m not that excited about going to Nebraska; but I am excited about completing another state (and for seeing my friend who I’ve know since elementary school!).

This race goes to benefit the Buffalo County Tails and Rails Museum. Not a typically benefit that a lot races go for, but I’m glad my money is going to a good cause nonetheless. I’ll have to do a little research online or tour the museum or something since my race money went to support it!

From the pictures from last year, it looks like a small community race. Sometimes this make me feel like I’m intruding on small communities when I run in these little races; everyone knows everyone except me. It’s like I race-crash!

However, I don’t have any huge goals for this race except to finish. I would LOVE to get under 2 hours, but I haven’t really been training for running 13 miles. I’ve been regularly running, but I have only done one 10 mile run since my last half. I really hope I’m one of those runners that just randomly decides to do races and ends up doing well like half of you fellow bloggers out there!

I’ll let you know how it goes!

One thought on “Buffalo County Stampede – Pre Race Review

  1. you may do better than you plan! when i PRed at the derby half, i hadn’t run at all for 10 days because i tore my meniscus, and hadn’t done a long since the bluegrass half 4 weeks prior. and i ran just under 1:43 – guts and adrenaline will do lots!!

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