A Tribute to the Tough Mudder!

Finisher 2011!!!

This past weekend was the Colorado Tough Mudder, and although I did not do it this year, I still love this event!

I am a big fan of obstacles races! After the Rugged Maniac, I’m definitely addicted. Last year I got my first taste at a mud race during the Tough Mudder, and I have a few more planned for this year.

It was 10 miles of running and hard obstacles….it was a blast!!! I really wanted to do it again this year, but the team I was going to do it with fell through and, sure, I could have technically done by myself, but for 1) it’s not as fun 2) it’s HARD if you don’t have some help and 3) the price goes up to $200 close to the event!!! That’s a lot of money!

So, instead, here’s my tribute to the Tough Mudder, a review a year in the making.

I completed the race with a boyfriend at the time and his friend. Two kinda scrawny guys (They don’t read this, so I can make fun of my ex all I want). We named out team “Reckless Abandon” (it’s a Blink 182 song) and this also why I have a anarchy symbol on my arm – in care you noticed that. Although the boys did help me through a few obstacles, usually it was other people along the course (huge, burly, strong men) that helped me as well, especially with literally pulling me over the walls.

The Tough Mudder in Colorado takes places at Beaver Creek, a ski/snowboard resort during the winter. I’ve actually never boarded there, but want to someday. Some of the obstacles even took  advantage of the half melted down park structures, like the half pipe, and the water obstacles involved fresh, cold snow melt. BRRRRR! Last year was the first year that CO had a Tough Mudder, I believe.

It was a pretty hard course. Me and my teammates didn’t train a horrible amount for it, but I did do a lot of running in preparation. Some of the events included berlin walls to climb over, swimming under barrels in the freezing water, monkey bars, mesh ropes, stuff to climb under while you climbed over snow, fire houses blasting your with water, mud pits, half pipes to climb up, rope ladders, carrying logs, steep hills to go up and down, electroshock therapy, and a lot more I’m sure I’m forgetting at the moment.

One of the toughest event for me were the walls. I had to have some guys pull me up, but I think the even harder part is once you’re up at the top and you have to switch your legs over and then safely drop yourself down. Just looking down from the top was terrifying! There was two sets of 3 walls each. Another event, and the ONLY event I didn’t complete the whole way (hear me out) was a set of three barrels in water that you had to dive under. Let me remind you, this is fresh snow melt. So the water is just above freezing. I dove under the first barrel and on the way up, I realized that I couldn’t breathe or touch the bottom of the pond. I think if I would have been able to get a foot grasp, I would have been able to calm myself and go under the next two barrels. Instead, due to the panicked look on my face, I had the “life guard” pull me out. The funny part is I used to be a life guard! Laugh all you want.

Another event that was hard but fun was the monkey bars. Now, I’ve never really had that much upper body strength, so prior to the event, I was most scared of this obstacle. If you let go of the bars, you fell into a lovely mud pit – and some of the bars are greased; however, I made it the whole way across!!

The last event was the electroshock therapy where they had wires hanging down that were randomly charged with electricity while you ran through water and over hay bales. I was so TERRIFIED of this event at first! I don’t particularly like getting shocked, so I spend about 15 minutes in front of the obstacle working up the nerve. It totally was not as bad as I made myself believe. I did get shocked a few times, but it didn’t really hurt, just surprises you really.  I have such a weird fear of pain like that, and for medical related stuff as well (like sutures, etc) yet, I’ve purposely gotten tattoos and piercings and can deal with that sort of pain….I’m strange.

I was talking to a friend of mine that plays soccer with me, and she did the Tough Mudder this year. I saw her pictures on Facebook and it looked like she had a blast! She did tell me that there was THREE electricity events this year! Oh man!!

If any of you have a Tough Mudder Event close to you, I recommend doing it! It’s fun, it’s a challenge, and it really tests your endurance, strength as well as your mental toughness!  I also think it’s great that all the Tough Mudder Events go to benefit the Wounded Warrior Project.

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