Tuesday Newsday

I’ve decided that I need a little more motivation to keep me on track. A lot of my fellow bloggers that I follow have a day once a week that they dedicate to their progress. I think I can stay true to having a regular day, and I hope no one else has the same quirky title as Tuesday Newsday, cause it kinda rhymes…

That’s right, I’m going to dedicate Tuesdays to update you all on my running goals, other fitness related goals, progress reports, upcoming races or ideas for races, and other running related items whether you like it or not. Hopefully this will give me motivation to run and give me a chance to reflect on my progress. So here’s my first Tuesday Newsday:

1. My next race with be in a week and half about in…ALASKA!!! I’m really excited for this trip. I leave on Saturday! I’ve never been to Alaska, and I have a good friend that lives there and had planned to visit him when he originally decided to move. Since he’s moved, I’ve taken on this project and decided to kill three birds with one stone: See Alaska, visit him, and run a race! I am participating in the Jingle in July 5K! I’ll have a pre-race review scheduled to post while I’m on vacation.

2. Other than that, I don’t have any other races planned yet, other than one for sure but WAY down the road, see #3. I have a few jotted down on my calendar as potential, I just have to work out the logistics and see if I can go.

3. I have decided that I WILL be doing the Vegas Strip at Night Marathon on Dec. 2nd. It will be my first marathon! I’m really excited to start training for it (and in the future, Tuesday Newsday will include Marathon Training Updates) but training wont start until about mid August. I’ve been doing A LOT of reading on marathon training…any other advice is greatly appreciated/desperately needed.

4. I think I have found my motivation to run again and got in a few good runs recently. However, it has been EXCRUCIATINGLY hot! About 100+ for the last week! Here’s the sucky part: I work at night, ~7pm, which cuts out evening running; and in case you didn’t think about it, if I work that late, I get off really late – thus to get in a decent nights sleep, it’s already WAY too hot to run outside by the time I’m awake. Over the weekend, I did get a night run in; right as the sun was setting, and even though it was a beautiful sight, It was also sad because I could see one of the 8 fires burning in CO.

The Estes Park Fire

5. This week, running will either be on hold (not from lack of motivation) but due to the heat and my schedule. I will be really busy packing, working and house sitting. I think to get my running in, I may try to run at my gym AFTER I get off work, IF I get off at a reasonable hour.

6. Lastly, I have a funny story. I was going through old boxes at my Mom’s house, and found a bunch of stuff from high school. My senior year in high school, I quit volleyball and joined cross country mid season. My coaches were cool enough to keep a nice spread sheet of our race times, and I kept them all these years. I found out that my old PR from high school was 25:15. My newest PR was set a few months ago at 24:39. I was pretty excited to find out that I am faster than I was in high school! Hopefully I’m only getting EVEN faster!

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