Need Some Zombie Motivation??

It’s inevitable!!!

I don’t know if any of you know this…but I’m pretty much obsessed with zombies. I probably think of something to do with zombies a few times everyday, and I know I bring it up in conversation at least once a day.

But if you need some motivation to get your butt out there and run…think of the zombies! Think of how much longer you would survive in a zombie apocalypse if you were a trained runner! If you can run a half marathon, I’m sure you could out run zombies. (Well, it depends what kind of zombies were talking about…cause those genetically engineered zombies, like in resident evil, as fast as hell!)

Now, I know what you’re thinking, “why in the world would that motivate me?? The zombie apocalypse is never going to happen!”

Stop right there!!! It’s TOTALLY possible! Don’t even get me started on the the actual ways…(think about it…any altered virus that affects the brain and makes you ravenous for human flesh –  just takes one dog bite! OR…picture this…a parasite, some kind of bacteria, or worm that can make its way to your brain and alter your movements – oh! It’s possible, there IS a real worm that affects grasshoppers; in its larval form, it infects the grasshopper, makes its way to the brain where it matures then it makes the grass hopper “commit suicide” by jumping in a pond..and the adult worm emerges! I totally learned about this in invertebrates…not joking.  OR a mind altering drug..just think bath salts and you’re eating off someone’s face. End of story).

Well, the first rule of surviving is cardio. (See Zombieland). Now here’s my theory (not my only one..I have many theories about this stuff): with the true definition of a zombie, the infected are dead. You get bit, you die, you turn into a zombie. So, in theory, you muscle  tissues and body would start to decay. So in the beginning, Zombies might be pretty fast, but as time goes on, their muscles are going to deteriorate and they’ll get injured, etc, thus, Zombies should get slower. (Well, we could go into the virus form, and those zombies would be alive still..and they would stay fast…or as fast as their living form would have been…).

Anyway, the point is, YOU DON’T WANT TO BE A ZOMBIE. SO, RUN! If someone asks you why you’re running so much, just tell them you’re training for the zombie apocalypse.

5 thoughts on “Need Some Zombie Motivation??

  1. This made me laugh. I think I met you for like, less than 2 hours and zombies came up, so it doesn’t surprise me at all that you think about zombies multiple times every day.

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