Tuesday Newsday – 7/3

Tuesday Newsday comes to you this week from Alaska! (Ok, ok, I’m not actually writing this in Alaska – I’m probably too busy hiking or doing something fun; I wrote this while on my layover in Seattle, WA and scheduled it to post while I was away…is that cheating??)

As you read this I’ll be somewhere, enjoying the Alaskan views and mountains. Hopefully in MUCH cooler weather than it was in Colorado, back home.

News for this week:

1. My next race is this Saturday. Jingle in July, which is of course in the North Pole, Alaska (where else would it be?) and it goes to benefit the Arthritis Foundation. Should be a fun time (minus repeatedly awful christmas music).

2. Training last week was as I thought it would be: not much. With the hot weather, smoke in the air and my busy schedule, I didn’t get much time to do well, much of anything else. I got a couple runs in, but that’s about it.

This was me pretty much all last week:

3. I’m sure my email inbox will be crazy full by the time I get back with all your lovely blog posts, but I DO promise to read through them all!

4. This is exciting! I did a little contest from a fellow blogger and I WON!!! I’m so excited! I get a free entry into the Dirty Dash in CO!!!! It’s september 1st, I believe. Thanks SO much Just a Colorado Gal!!! Her blog is super fun and full of adventures! I love it!

4. And…I don’t have much else news since I am writing this early….so I’ll use it as a ploy to get you all to Follow me on Twitter and Facebook…the links are right over there ———->

2 thoughts on “Tuesday Newsday – 7/3

  1. my friend is visiting alaska right now, too! (i know, it’s a damn big state. but how often do you know TWO people visiting it at once?!) that’s a kick-ass state to knock off of your list – good luck!!

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