Jingle in July – Pre Race Review

Run, Santa, Run!That’s right! It’s Christmas time!!! WAIT! It’s only July!? You’re telling me I have to listen to crappy christmas music in July??? Damn.

Just Kidding! I did choose this race because it did look fun! Jingle in July is in the North Pole, Alaska which is just outside of Fairbanks.  The race is today…SO wish me luck!!  Guess where the race starts at??? Santa Claus’s house! Yeah! I hope I get to meet him; I haven’t seen Santa since I was like 9, sitting on his lap, probably asking for a barbie or something. Do you think he’ll remember me???

Anyway, This 5K will go to benefit the Alaskan branch of the Arthritis Foundation. So, that’s a good cause for my money to go to. I feel like this race is a fun way to support that.

I don’t have too many expectations for this race mainly because I haven’t been running for about a week. No offense to my running side, but I’m on vacation, and I’ve never been to Alaska – I’m too busy seeing as much as I can and spending quality time with my friend. But it’s not like I was sitting on my butt the whole time either…I’m one of those types of people that doesn’t really get much sleep on my vacation. I usually need a vacation after my vacation.

Since this race is at only about 400 ft above sea level, this will be the lowest race I have done yet! I’m kinda curious if I could get a PR, but it’s highly doubtful since I’m not training. I just want to have fun! I packed my santa hat just for this race! I’ll let you all know how it goes!!

3 thoughts on “Jingle in July – Pre Race Review

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