Tuesday Newsday – 7/17

I have a lot of exciting news for this Tuesday Newsday!

Just practicing another way to survive the zombie apocalypse

1. I went rock climbing outside for the first time on Sunday! I’ve been wanting to get into the sport, and my friend Shay (check her blog out here – I love her work – writing, poems, photography and friendship) has been teaching me. I’ve been officially learning for a short while.  A few months ago, she taught me a few things at an indoor climbing wall, but due to schedule conflicts, we haven’t been able to practice more. Finally, last Sunday, we got out to Boulder Canyon where’s there’s a plethora of climbs!

I only got to do one climb because it started raining, and even though it stopped shortly, the rocks were wet/slippery, so we decided to hike out. It was a 10b level, and even though I don’t know much about climbing, I guess everyone was pretty impressed that I did a 10b for my first time out! (For the non-rock climbers, a 5.9 would be a moderately difficult climb, and I did 5.10b – all the levels stuff is still a little confusing to me – here’s a break down of the difficulty grades) So, I was pretty proud and excited of my accomplishment and I REALLY want to do it more.

Next step is to buy my own gear so I don’t have to keep borrowing people’s! How come every hobby I decide to pick up is expensive!?

2. I’ve been waiting to post a Jingle in July (my Alaska race) post race recap because they’ve taken FOREVER to put up the race results, but finally yesterday, they listed them, and my post is going to be pretty awesome (hint: I set a new PR!)

3. My most favorite news for today: I made a rash decision and signed up for a race. Not just any race. A race that goes from Fort Collins to Steamboat Springs. I first heard of this race from Amy over at Lavender Parking, who I actually met when I went down to New Mexico. It’s the Wild West Relay!!! She was originally going to do it but changed her mind. When I saw her post about the decision to not do it, I thought to myself, well, then there must be an opening on the team. I’ve always wanted to experience a relay race, so this was my chance. I contacted Amy, she contact the team captain, and we all exchanged info. Ironically, it was only 2 days before the deadline was due that I learned of this opening. If that’s not a sign, then I don’t know what its! I agreed to do it. The race is friday August 3rd-4th and covers 200 miles!!!

I’m not going to lie though, I’m kinda nervous. I picked the leg that has three 7 mile runs…I chose this set because on of them goes in Wyoming…am I allowed to count that as my Wyoming race??? Lol! Even if it does count, I already plan on doing the Mud Chug in WY later this year. Anyway, I’m nervous because after reading all the email exchanges, it seems like everyone on my team is well experienced, and I think I might be the youngest as well. If anyone has advice for preparing for these type of events PLEASE SHARE! I’m sure i’ll be fine on the actually physical running part, it’s all the prep/packing/mental stuff I don’t know much about. I’m sure I’ll write a whole post dedicated to this race next week.

4. I actually can’t think of a 4th thing. Hope everyone’s week goes well! Don’t forget to send and relay race advice my way!! : )

7 thoughts on “Tuesday Newsday – 7/17

  1. Well, I only know one person on the team, and she is pretty darn close to your age if not just slightly older. I am really glad you got to do this! I can’t help you with any advice except to maybe have 3 sets of clothes.

    • 3 sets of clothes. Check! And good, I’m glad there’s someone close to me! My team has been sending emails back and forth and a bunch of them have mentioned wifes or husbands and kids! AHH! lol

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