Tuesdays Newsday – 7/31

Hello! I hope everyone’s monday wasn’t too bad. I spent my last “weekend” day driving around and running errands.

1. I think my biggest news this tuesday is that I hiked my first 14er on Sunday! Super proud, check out my recap here. By the way, I’m more sore from that hike than I am from lifting! The muscles above my butt, ya know, the ones you use to push your self up, ya, those hurt!

wild west relay2. I’m getting really nervous for the Wild West Relay….starts this Friday!!! I’m not so much worried about the actual running part as the getting everything I need part. It’s going to be a mini vacation. I’ll be out of town thursday night to sunday afternoon. I’ll of course have a pre-race review later this week.

3. I’ve been watching the Olympics as much as I can. I’m not a olympic fanatic at all, though, I just like watching the different sports. I don’t follow along, or know who’s in the lead, etc….I just watch whatever is airing for the mere joy of watching competition in general. The only sport I do really follow is Beach Volleyball. LOVE the sport! Makes me miss my old volleyball days (I haven’t played in YEARS!) And of course, I root for Misty May and Kerri Walsh! Duh! Well, I do watch a little bit of the marathon stuff…but let’s all be honest here…running is BORING to watch. So I usually just catch the end.

Last Week’s Goals Update:

1. To start lifting. So far, so good….I didn’t end up lifting on tuesday…but I did lift on wednesday and friday. I did an upper body workout on tuesday and a lower body workout on thursday. It felt gooooood. I forgot how much I like lifting. It makes me feel sexy, lol, and awesome when I’m pretty much the only girl on the weights side of the gym.

2. Stretching. Bad. Lol well, not horrible. I’ve been stretching after runs and stuff, but not on my off days. I know for sure, I better do a lot of stretching during the Wild West Relay!

pain in the ass

And that’s about it for this Tuesday!

3 thoughts on “Tuesdays Newsday – 7/31

  1. Are you following any particular program with your weight training? I’ve gone back to Core Performance for their running conditioning program.

    I hate to stretch, but realize the benefits. Whenever I get a massage, I leave the last 10 minutes to get stretched out. I could never stretch as far alone as I can with a professional assisting.

    • I’m not yet following a training program. From doing the bigger faster strong program in high school and the information I got from once using a personal trainer, I kinda put together my own training program.
      That’s a good way to get stretching in…I really want to get regular massages because I really think it’ll help my muscles too!

  2. I used to be so much better about weight training. I love it! When my schedule isn’t so fanatic, I hope to get back to it because it makes such an improvement! Keep up the good work! You will do great this weekend! Bring sweet and salty snack foods for your liking. Not just luna bars. You will want something more substantial after a while.

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