Wild West Relay – Quickie Review

Hello! I just got back from my mini run-cation! I had a great weekend running in the Wild West Relay with 12 strangers…..Well, after spending about 2 days in a van with the same people, I don’t think I can call them strangers anymore!

I drove up to Fort Collins Thursday night to meet my team and starting at 7:30 am Friday morning, we were off! Starting from the Budweiser Brewery in Fort Collins, we traveled 200 miles over the mountains to Steamboat Springs. We definitely got our asses over the pass! Over 2 days, there was lots of crazy shenanigans, power bar eating, sports drink guzzling, quirky team names, beautiful views…oh and running!

Here’s a sneak peak of my race recap!

Ginger's Ninjas

Here’s the team! Team Ginger’s Ninjas!!

Wild West Relay Colorado

Wild West Relay Colorado

Great Views!

6 thoughts on “Wild West Relay – Quickie Review

  1. Can wait for the full review. I’ve driven through Rabbit Ears Pass to Steamboat so I know there’s some tough climbs out there. Congrats!

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