Tuesday Newsday – 8/7

Holy crap! It’s a week into August!?! GEEZ!

This Tuesday Newsday is brought to you today by a random thing I think about while writing about running:



– I’ve been typing the word marathon A LOT. Is it weird that every time I type it, my fingers want to keep on typing and add a G at the end…yes, I type marathong on a regular basis – so regularly that I’m instinctually started back spacing after typing the word because I know I’ll have to delete the last letter. Is there such a thing as a Freudian Typo??

Anyway, my news for this week:

1) As you know, last weekend I participated in the Wild West Relay. It was a blast! I had a lot of fun! I met some great new people, and got a lot of running in. Definitely a new experience. I’m working on getting a full post put together. Click here for a quickie review and some pictures from the event.

2) My lifting is still going; I’ve been doing weight training about two times a week, with a third day being something that isn’t strictly weights, but still makes me work my muscles. Like, today, I join my friend Shay for abs class and indoor climbing. Last week, both definitely made me sore…so sore, sneezing hurts!

Now THAT’s what I call a marathong!

3) Stretching is still the same, I’m working on putting together my stretching routine for you all, whether you want to see it or not, because I think it will force me to focus on stretching more.

4) After the relay race, my racing schedule is kinda slow right now. I think the next race I have planned is mid September, but knowing me, I’ll probably sign up for something random. BUT marathong, I mean MARATHON training starts NEXT weekend!!! So once that kicks into gear, Tuesday Newsdays will be WAY more exciting!

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