Tuesday Newsday – 9/4

PHEW! Barely getting this in time for the end of Tuesday! Lets just say it’s been a crazy couple of days!!!!

Regular News/Running News:

1. This past weekend I participated in an ultimate frisbee hat tournament and some outdoor climbing in the beautiful city of Durango, CO! I call it my spiritual detox and it was just what I needed. There may or may not have been a lot of beer involved as well. I plan on writing a whole post for this, so stayed tuned! I can’t even begin to tell you how awesome the holiday weekend was!! Hope all of yours’ were great too! Here’s a preview:

durango, co

You should be able to tell from this picture how the whole weekend went…

2. I have decided to add Kansas to my states this weekend coming up.  I found a 10K race to run that benefits the local wildlife park in Wichita, KS. Just need to find someone to keep me company on the drive….any takers??? I know there will be an overwhelming response considering Kansas is just about the best state to drive through!

3. Other than those top two news pieces, life is going pretty well!

Marathon Training News/Week in Review:

Monday: (Rest) I did “rest” this day. Well, if you call working all day rest, then yes, that’s what I did.

Tuesday: (3 miles) I ended up running 4.5. Tuesdays are normally abs and climbing days, but our climbing gym was closed for the week. Now normally, I’ll get my run in after work (if I’m off on time) before abs, but I got delayed at work, much to my dismay, and tied on my sneakers later than I planned, making for one grumpy runner. I ran with Shay from /skin/ /ˈpōətrē/ photography who has decided to join me in my crazy goal of training for the vegas strip at night. We ran from her house to the abs gym, uphill the whole way. It was a gradual climb, barely noticeable but definitely notable!

Wednesday (5 miles): And I only did exactly 5 miles. In fact, I was so tired, that I pulled my GPS out of my sports bra, watching for the moment it rolled over to 5 miles and stopped, walking the rest of the way home. This time I ran the actual path I ran when I was sorta attacked; and I was super paranoid – looking over my shoulder the whole time, which may have added to my tiredness

Thursday (3 miles): I did 4 instead. I really was super stressed at work and really wanted that run. I chose to run around my usual, neighborhood lake to relax. Yes, I consider running relaxing.

Friday (rest): I worked all day and traveled all night. As soon as I clocked out for work, I claimed: VACATION!!! I had my normal working day of saturday requested off and 3 friends and I crammed into a car and headed to Durango.

Saturday (9 miles): I have no idea what I ran, but I ran, a lot. I participated in the Durango Hat Tournament and played four games of ultimate frisbee through out the hot day.

Sunday (cross train): Ultimate counts as cross training, right?!?

Anyway, I feel like training went well last week. I may not have gotten the endurance of the long run in over the weekend, but I definitely got the time on my feet. Also, I feel like when I make my Tuesday Newsday marathon training updates that I should have some profound summary of training; things that went well, what I should improve on, what made the training bad, etc etc. But here’s the deal, and I’ll probably make a more in depth post on my first marathon goals – but this is my first marathon. Right now, it’s a bucket list item. I’m not going for a PR, cause well, it will be a PR no matter what (hahaha!) but I know that I’m not going to be able to BQ, so I’m just having fun! I’m at a really good point in my life in general and I’m enjoying all fronts of it, including training, but I’m not going to stop the rest of my life for this. Besides…I am doing the Vegas Strip at Night…and if there’s a least serious marathon out there..this has got to be it!

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