Tuesday Newsday – 9/11

Well, last week was not a very good marathon training week.

Monday: Rest day. However, I was climbing in Durango.

Tuesday: (3 miles) I was sooooo sore from the weekend of ultimate and rock climbing that I did not run.

Wednesday: (5 miles) I did actually run. I ran 5+ miles on the trail system of green mountain. And. I fell in love with Trail Running. Sorry boys, this is my new love.

Thursday: (3 miles) Well, I was trying to come up with a really good excuse why I didn’t run, but I actually cannot think of why I didn’t run.

Friday: (rest day…but I was going to make up the miles I missed the day before) 0 miles. Instead I had breakfast with a special person, got called off work, had ice cream with a friend; then I ate sushi and went dancing at the worst bar in the history of bars for a friend’s birthday. I did actually have fun; but it is a horrible bar, that is no lie.

Saturday: (6 miles) I drove all day to Kansas………that’s right…..I can now cross off Kansas from my states…….because on..

Sunday: 15k, aka 9.3 miles….Kansas: CHECK! (So, the weekend before, I was supposed to do the 9 miler, but was drinking, er I mean, playing ultimate frisbee instead. So I just flip flopped weekend runs).

That’s about all I got for you guys, I invested a lot of my writing thoughts into other posts this evening…which means more posts for you lovely readers to see.

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