Tuesday Newsday – 9/18

Running News/Marathon Training Updates:

Monday: Rest Day. I love rest days.

Also: No food = grumpy and moody

Tuesday: (3 miles) I ran 4 miles. I was so stressed/frustrated after work…my friend asked if I wanted to run with her to abs class from her house…and I rudely turned her down (I tried to apologize and explain myself after, hopefully my point got across)….but you know those days that you need a really good run to de-stress? It was one of those. All I wanted was a good, hard, fast run, on the comfort of my normal trail. The trail I know eyes closed. And that’s what I did. And I ran HARD. Then I did end up joining her at abs class with a little bit of climbing after.

Wednesday: (6 miles) All I got out was 5.2. LOL So, It’s 4 miles to the lake, around and back. Being me, I’ve always assumed that meant the lake was right around 3 miles and it was only half a mile to my house…this clearly is not the case. So, since I needed to do 6 miles that day, I thought I would just drive to the lake and run around twice. Well, it turns out the lake is only a little over 2.5 miles. I’ve just lucked out with the fact that the trip to the lake, around and back is a nice even 4 miles all these years. So, I only ran 5.2. Of course, at first, I was sure that my GPS failed me..but sure enough, I mapped my course on the computer when I got back and it was correct. I still find it super funny that I have not known this the whole time I’ve lived here.

Thursday: (3 miles) SO BUSY! I didn’t get this 3 miles in until Saturday.

Friday: (rest day) Yep, I rested alright.

Saturday: (11 miles) I moved my long run to sunday and did the 3 miles this day. Inside. On a stupid treadmill because by the time I got time to run (after work and my best friend’s grad/going away party) it was dark outside.

Sunday: (rest day) But, like I said, I did my long run today. 11 miles!!! phew!! Longest, to date, un-aided run I’ve done. It took me awhile to get out the door because I was double checking to make sure I had everything I would need. Water? Check, I ran with a small plastic bottle in hand since I have yet to get a fuel belt of some kind (keep the suggestions coming!!). Energy? Check, I tucked those Stinger energy chews, half of a bag, into my sports bra. Road ID? Check. Phone/Music? Check – Speaking of..my iPod died. I’m super upset about it. Anyway. Sunscreen? Check. Sunglasses? Check. Gum? Check, I hate when I forget gum! Couple dollars for a gatorade on the way back? Check…hehe, I totally grossed out the  gas station clerk; we have a gas station right on the corner by our house and I purposely planned to grab a gatorade after completing my run. She took my money and said, “they’re kinda wet” and I replied, “well, they were in my sports bra..nothing I can do about it!” Super gross, I know, but kinda funny.

This has been this week’s motivational quote for myself…Hopefully it’ll do the same for you all!

My next race will be in two weekends…I’m heading up to South Dakota for a half marathon!! I’m running the Crazy Horse Half. I’m super excited…this is my birth state!

I’ve been super stressing lately about career stuff and what I want to be when I grow up…so, to get the ball rolling, I FINALLY registered for the GRE. I shake my head as I type this because I had told myself I was going to take the test back in JANUARY! ugh. But, at least better late than never, right???

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