Trail Running! A #runchat challenge!

I wrote a couple weeks ago that trail running is my new love….it’s still true! I love it! I don’t get to head to the trails very often due to my schedule, but when I get the chance, I’m on it!

I was introduced to my favorite trail running trail from my friend Shay over at /skin/ /ˈpōətrē/ photography.  She runs this trail all the time and one day I asked her where to run, and that’s where she picked. 

colorado green mountain trails

It’s called the Green Mountain Trail. (If you’re in Colorado, it’s way west on Alameda where it starts curving just past Union by the Green Mountain Rec Center.) There’s miles of trails, all connecting and looping around together. The trail system offers a close by place to mountain bike, run or hike, allowing city folks to get in quick adventure without having to go far. Although, I wouldn’t really hike here, not that challenging for just hiking…good for running though!!

I decided to review theses trails because #RunChat offered a trail run challenge! For the challenge, all you have to do is take a run on a trail, take a picture of the trail or yourself on the trail and write about it. So that’s what I’m doing!!

I decided to take my 6 mile run for the week for marathon training to the trails. I was having a pretty shitty day, so it was just the “medication” I needed. I ran the 6 miles in a little over an hour because I took a few breaks to walk up some of the steep hills and take pictures of the trail. The land itself isn’t spectacular or anything, but it still has a sense of stillness which is beauty in itself with some pretty views of Denver. Be careful though, this area is prone to rattlesnakes!

4 thoughts on “Trail Running! A #runchat challenge!

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