Tuesday Newsday – October 23rd

I don’t even know where to begin with this Tuesday Newsday. I’ve had a high level of stress this past week and I’m unsure of how to deal with it…all I know is something needs to change in my life.

Let’s start with what I do know: Running, with a little bit of the week’s events mixed in.

Training Week 9:

Monday: rest day. It was a rest day for my legs (including laser treatment), but not for my mind. I was offered a new job. I’m really not that flakey of a person I swear! I know, though, I’ve only been at my current job for about 3 months; not good evidence to my non-flakey-ness. But, I don’t get quite full time at this place, and even though I like learning about the holistic approach to veterinary medicine, sometimes I have to put my bills on priority. There was also a lot of negative energy from the other technician and doctor – basically I did 99% of the work and never got recognized or even credited for it. Kinda disheartening…anyway….new job offer on the table….

Tuesday: (4 miles): Job offer accepted. Full time and back to be a lead technician! I was excited to get the opportunity to be a lead tech in a new clinic where I can help develop the way things run and put protocols in place. I did however accept the position with the idea in mind that I will be going back to school next year sometime and it WONT be in this state. Running: 4 miles.

Wednesday (7 miles): I worked a 12 hour shift at the new clinic and needless to say, I had no desire to run 7 miles when I got off – especially in the dark – a little scared of being attacked. I did sit in a coffee shop once I got off, eating a bagel, studying for the GRE, wondering how fat I would be if I didn’t run while sipping a pumpkin spice latte…

Thursday (4 miles): I ran my 7 miles this day, once I got off work. I also put in my two-ish weeks at my current clinic. Ironically, they fired the Doctor that I absolutely loved for false accusations; so I felt no guilt putting in my two weeks. Shockingly, my office manager acted sad that I was leaving and offered me the potential to work a little bit with the idea that maybe, eventually, they could steal me back. I told her maybe. Oh yeah, I changed my hair this day too! Check it:

Friday: (rest-ish day – I intended to do the 4 miles from the previous day, but it was a busy day) I ended up working all day (my schedule kept getting messed this week – another reason I decided to quit – unstable hours; not enough and never the set in stone. Oh and did I mention? The OWNER of my clinic barely said a word to me and didn’t even acknowledge that I put my two weeks in). Anyway, I got off work late, rushed to the bank before it closed, rushed home to get ready and headed out for all you can eat sushi! (Saki bombs on the house!).

Saturday: In attempt to make up my lost miles, I did my 4 mile run around my normal lake. This was the most beautiful run I’ve been on in a long time! I chose the perfect time to set my feet to the pavement.

sloans lake

This is my photo! No stealing it! I’m pretty proud of this one!!!

Sunday: (half) This means I’m halfway through training! YIKES! But exciting! I did not do a 13.1 mile run though. Opps. Ok, hear me out. I did NOT feel well at all. I slept most of the day, my whole body feeling horrible. (BOYS DONT READ THIS PART: but most likely due to being that time of the month…the body just doesn’t work the same…at least mine doesn’t. See what women runners have to deal with!?!?!) Anyway, I felt shitty all over. I did get invited to do another sunset run with my guy friend Shay, and attempted a 3-ish mile trail run loop in Golden up to the top of the mesa. I attempted it, walking a lot of it…I seriously couldn’t do it. He charged up it, with both of our dogs. My dog kept running back to me looking at me like, “geez, slow much?” I caught up at the top and we sat and watched the sunset. Once over the hills, I ran/slid down the mountain and we met up with my gal friend Shay for beers and sushi (yes, sushi again!).

I decided to listen to the advice that a running coach gave me once day while waiting for jury duty: Know when to rest. Your body will tell you. So, I guess I’m glad I didn’t run much sunday. Monday I did wake up sick, literally, and told myself that I really need to rest. I even threw up at work and they STILL made me work. So much for resting!

Other than work related stress, there’s always the usual friendship/relationship woes…I try not to put too much in my blog about this stuff because it’s pretty personal; lets just say it’s adding to my stress and I haven’t decided what I want to do about it yet! LOL

Plans for this week: Get back to my running schedule, and figure out how to arrange it with my new schedule. I WILL run hard this week, I promise! Also, STUDY all week long! Next week I take the GRE! It’s on halloween…couldn’t think of anything scarier than taking a test that pretty much decides my future!

8 thoughts on “Tuesday Newsday – October 23rd

  1. GOOD LUCK ON THE GRE! I started studying for it 5 years ago and have yet to take it. And congratulations on the new job (I may have told you that already). I hope everything else falls into place for you. Sounds like a lot going on. Sounds like you’re putting in a good amount of mileage regardless.

    And yeah, I usually have to take a good 3 days off of working out a month thanks to the issues you described. Not fun.

  2. good luck on the test! when i took mine i promptly returned to my dorm and drank a bottle of champagne. and then went to my acting class. and sang an aria. shitfaced drunk. so now you have an idea of what to do after lol. : ) minus the acting class.

    • oh…I already have that in mind…. I keep trying to recruit people to take me out for halloween partying that night. I WANT to get drunk and then go to haunted houses! That’ll get my mind off the test afterward. Although…I start my new job officially the next day! lol

  3. Sounds like a ton is going on right now, I hope everything will turn out the way you want it. Congrats on the new job, sounds perfect!!! I feel the same way about things need to change, but due to my visa situation I can not work for another company 😦 Oh well.

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