Tuesday Newsday 10/30

So, I don’t know how to explain this….I feel like a complete idiot. And frankly, I don’t even want to put this in my blog, but I have to.

Here it goes: I’ve been behind in marathon training by about 3 weeks. I have no idea how it happened, it just did. I must’ve counted wrong way back in the beginning when I picked my starting day and never checked it. I just assumed I counted right, and went on my merry way. I think I must’ve been counting only 16 weeks back instead of for the 18 week training program I selected.

Don’t make fun of me TOO much.

SO, here, I thought I was on week 10, but as I was looking at the calendar I noticed that November starts this week, which at first I was like, WOW only a month away from my marathon…..

…But then I started realizing…if I was only a month away, I should be doing my 20 miler soon….and that’s not right, I just did a 15 miler a couple weeks ago…..

Sure enough, I counted, re-counted, and triple counted about 500 times and I started out horribly wrong.

In actualality, I am SUPPOSED to be on week 13 of my training. UGH.

Am I allowed to blame this oversight on my level of stress from work, the GRE and life???

So, needless to say, I was feeling pretty down…and I was contemplating giving up. Here’s where I need all of YOUR help! Has anyone else done this, or am I the only silly one? What would you guys do? Give up? Aim for another marathon?? I really want to do this one…but I’m scared I physically wont be able to.

This is where I’m at running wise last week, based on where I thought I was:

Monday: Rest day. I did rest; this day was leftover-feeling-sick day anyway.

Tuesday: 4 miles. Complete.

Wednesday: 7 miles – not compete..12 hour shift at work

Thursday: 4 miles – not complete…12 hour shift at work..AGAIN. And I don’t run at night, by myself. My neighbor isn’t the best for alone running at night…. Hint, hint: I need a running buddy.

Friday: Rest day, but I did 4 miles. Yes,  I ran actually.

Saturday: rest day.

Sunday: Was SUPPOSED to be a 17-miler…but when I got home, and put on all my running stuff, I was checking my calendar and that’s when the realization hit me that I was completely behind. So, It crossed my mind that maybe I should just do the 19 miler that I was due for if I had counted right. But by the time I figured out what was going on, I ran out of daylight, and frankly, I don’t want to right in the dark, by myself. I’m scared to. So, I ran 4 miles instead.

Feeling pretty defeated and down about it all, I ended up getting Monday off from work as well (mostly to study) but I decided to challenge myself and see how far I could run.

That brings us to yesterday: Monday, I ran 16.5 miles (I walked the remaining half mile back home, so technically I did 17 miles, if you want to count that) but I hurt my foot pretty bad. AHHH! I literally was crying part of the way home. The top of my right foot was killing me! I’m so worried that it might be a stress fracture….so I took some anti-inflammatories, and iced it, hoping for the best. So, now, on top of being behind on my training schedule, my foot was hurting.

I woke up today, not as sore as I thought I would be from the actual run, and my foot doesn’t hurt to walk on at all…but then again, yesterday it didn’t either…only when I was physically running.

Here’s my idea about training, assuming my foot is un-injured: Pick up from where I’m supposed to be..if I started correctly. That means this weekend I would attempt a 19 miler, then the 20 miler the following week, and then taper….

So…HELP! Give me some motivation…or advise…what would you guys do??? Should I just continue training from where I’m supposed to be??

Lastly, the GRE is tomorrow…and I’m extremely nervous for it…but afterwards….I’ll be dressing up like this again:

Sexy Zombie??

HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!!!! Stay safe, and eat lots of candy….Oh, come on, you’re all runners! You can afford to eat a piece or two…or 10!

12 thoughts on “Tuesday Newsday 10/30

  1. I can’t say that I’ve done that, but I have been whole hours behind (about a month ago I had a meeting scheduled for 2 and up until the people showed up I thought it was 1:00 even with a clock right in front of me…that was really weird).

    Pending your foot, I think you can go for it. I wouldn’t jump up to 19…maybe try 18 this week and then 20 the next week. I did my final long run 2 weeks before my race because of illness (all other workouts for that week were taper distance) so if you are comfortable with that, maybe try taking a weekend off to heal and then picking up at 18/20 the following. You might not have the marathon of your dreams, but you should be able to finish! I’ve seen lots of people finish with just an 18 miler under their belt.

    Good luck, feel better, and enjoy your candy!

  2. I like your training plan to catch up on your missed day (but what the hell do I know?)
    That “gash” on your forehead looks REALLY good.
    All the best tomorrow on your exam.

  3. I agree with Amy above, 18 this week and then 20 next week. No need to panic, its really not as important as it seems. It is more of a mental prep than a physical one. Bottom line….. if you can run 17 or 18 or 19, then you’ll haul your bum across the finish for a full 26.2. Its really not a big deal. The training plans are too long anyhow and you probably did yourself a favor. 16 weeks is just right. 🙂 Good luck and get the foot checked out.

  4. Hey sweetie. I cannot wait to celebrate the scary finish of the GRE with you tomorrow. =) I’m sure you’ll do freakin’ amazing. Just keep that chin up. As far as your running goes… so what if you are only a few weeks off. I know that it may seem like a huge deal to be off on your training schedule, but I think you will be just fine. You are in amazing physical shape and I think that your mindset can do a lot to help or hinder you. So in general, I’m saying push the fact and knowledge that you are off on your training schedule out of your mind and just pick up where you think you need to and go with it. If you stay positive with your thoughts and tell your body you can do it, I think you’ll be able to. Think of it in terms of hours I suppose. Really, you only need to run an additional hour and a half (not even) in order to “finish” the 26 miles. So think about just “tacking on” another hour vs. the mileage. Honestly, I think that positive thinking can pull you through this and go a long way. Besides, I hear you have amazing support from silly people ;).

  5. I got knocked off track in my training plan due to a knee injury. I had to rest for two weeks, then ramp back up. I think your plan makes sense.

    I also had foot pain towards the end of my training. I would get it checked out, but if it’s not a stress fracture, I would recommend getting a tennis ball and doing arch rolls every day. It made a huge difference for me and I was able to run the MCM completely pain free.

    Good luck!

  6. good luck on the GRE! i’m sure you’ll be fabulous.

    i would probably end up concocting some sort of hybrid plan to avoid a huge jump in mileage. but that’s only assuming your foot is okay!

  7. If it were me I would also do the 18/20 approach if the knee is feeling okay. If the knee doesn’t feel great, then I would aim for 18 as my longest run before the marathon. I do highly recommend incorporating some tempo and speed runs to help balance out your running. They really help build confidence in your body’s ability.

  8. Good luck on your GRE! Also, I would do 18 first then 20. I agree with all said above. I think the most important thing to do is do what feels right for you body and just go from there!

  9. How are you feeling today? If you can run pain-free, you will be able to run the marathon. I would suggest a 18 miler, then a 20 miler and then taper. Totally doable!! Don’t give up, you are almost there!!! YOu can do this!!

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