Thursday Musings.

I found this online, thought it was pretty awesome.

I made a new page to this blog: a Blog Roll!! I’ve actually been working on it for awhile and finally got around to posting it. It’s actually quite long; there are so many blogs that I thoroughly enjoy. Given that, there are so many that I follow that I didn’t put in my blog roll, but still love. It was hard to choose, but I came up with a selection of my special favorites. A few I’ve been following from the beginning of my blogging career, a few that I found recently, as well as a few from people that I know in “real life.” (I just realized how silly that sounds…I’m sure all of you are real people. Until we meet in person, you will be known to me as the blogging world vs real life).

Please, check it out, show my favorites some love: Blog Roll or click the tab up at the top.

Other than that, I’ve been keeping busy. I started lifting again. Like, serious lifting. I haven’t done that in MONTHS…I’m so sore that I’m walking around like a zombie!

I have a second interview with 24 hour fitness today and I also start my new job at Dick’s Sporting Goods today! I’m pretty stoked…even if it’s starting at the bottom. Ya know, I not making much money, and I literally feel like I have to completely start from scratch, but I’m sooooo much less stressed than I was. My finances are scary right now, and I still have less stress than I did in the veterinary world. It was two to three years of crappy (sometimes literally) job after crappy job. The politics of the vet world are unbearable; everyone was only out for themselves when it should have been about the animals above all. Once I have good, steady hours, I’ll probably get back into the animal world and volunteer at a shelter or something.

Hope everyone is having a good week!

8 thoughts on “Thursday Musings.

  1. Let me first say that I admire your insight to recognize what you really want to do and your courage to make the change. You’re going to work for a long time, so you better love what you do. Good luck!

    Thanks for adding me to your blog roll. As you mention, I need to define my next steps and hope to do so this weekend. Stay posted!

  2. I always figure it’s safe to assume someone is a blog person until confirmation. For all I know, half my blog friends are really creepy old men who go to great lengths to assume an alternate identity! I’m happy I can add you to the list of legitimate people!

    Thanks so much for adding me to your blog roll!

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