Wednesday Newsday 11/21 – Wait that doesn’t rhyme!

Sorry, I wasn’t in the mood to write my tuesday newsday post…so you get wednesday newsday instead.

Since I am no longer training for my marathon, I’ve been kinda down. I’m really trying to stay positive. Last post was filled of positive energy, but off and on, I get really sad I’m not doing my marathon any more. Super bummed. And I’m angry at my last employer for basically causing me to be in this situation I am with job stuff and finances and then obviously angry at her for her business practices that scarred my view of veterinary medicine.

I feel like I’m back to the beginning of everything. Running, relationships, switching careers: I’m back at the bottom.

Work: I’m working retail, part time. And let me tell you….retail is a WHOLE different world. No, I have never worked retail until now. So different than what I’m used to. My job titles have been veterinary technician and lifeguard up until now. I’ve had many different jobs with these titles, but seriously, that’s all I’ve really done. But it’s a fast paced store (I work at Dick’s sporting goods as a “running specialist) so shifts go by fast, and I get to see all the really cool new shoes that come out….OMG. I want new shoes so bad!!!!

Running: To rest my foot from the stresses of running, I have been getting back to basics…lifting!

I actually used to lift a lot. And contrary to what the general public thinks, no, not to get huge. I just like being stronger than I looked. The job description says must be able to lift 50 pounds? Well, I see your 50 pounds and I raise you a 70 pound labrador retriever. Yep, that used to be me in the vet world.

Well, ever since I started training for my marathon, I put my weight training on the shelf, metaphorically speaking, because I had a lot of other stuff going on as well. Running 15 miles really left me kinda exhausted, and since I was usually outside running, I didn’t want to go in a smelly gym and lift. (Actually my gym is not smelly, and my ex no longer works there, so I have free roam again).

Now, I’m back to my old routine I used to do prior to starting this blog. Running short runs, on the treadmill, to maintain my fitness level 5 -6 times per week and lifting 3 – 4 times per week.

And I would like to report that my foot has been pain free for about a week. Leading me to believe that I did not have a stress fracture. I just have no idea what it was.

That’s about all I have for you today, but I am deciding on a Turkey Day run…just to get me back in the spirit of racing. Although, it wont be out of state. And I’m starting to look at 2013 and decided on my races….Throw some out of state ideas at me!!

11 thoughts on “Wednesday Newsday 11/21 – Wait that doesn’t rhyme!

  1. come to kentucky!! rock and roll half in march that is GORGEOUS – goes through some beautiful horse parks in lexington – or the kentucky derby half in april! we run through churchill downs for that one, and the course is really quick. that’ll be my first post-op half! : )

  2. Well, I just realized I was missing your posts because my feed has been neglected…it is now adjusted and I am intrigued by all of this. I second San Fran, I am pondering the SF Rock N Roll Half in April…I am on a strict F you (full) marathon diet.

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