Turkey Trot – Windsor, CO

This years pelican lakes turkey

I hope everyone had a fantastic Thanksgiving!!! I had a lovely one. Although, now that I work retail, I got to work black friday for 11 hours…..Although, I’d take that over working ON Thanksgiving any day…this was the first time in 3 or 4 years that I haven’t had to work on thanksgiving!

I started out by waking up after only 5 hours of sleep to head out the door for a Turkey Trot! I had to close the night before turkey day at my new job to help set up for black friday stuff. I decided to head up to my mom’s house in Longmont, CO (45 min north of Denver for you non-colorado folks) that night so that I could leave my dog there while I did the race.

I booked it out the door, stopped to get gas, only to discover that after plugging in the address to my phone, it would take about 45 minutes to get there….putting me there right at start time! UH OH!

I may have driven a little faster than normal. I had plans to meet another blogger (finally!) and this makes blogger number 2 that I have met (other than the few I’ve known previous to me starting this but I would love to meet you all!) I texted him, letting him know that I was barely going to make it on time. He, jokingly, told me he would stall the race start.

Sure enough, I made there at 7:50, ran to the registration line (lets just think of it as my warm-up) and heard the announcement that the race start would be delayed 15 minutes! Although, the delay had nothing to do with Ryan, and it was only because the packet pick-up line wasn’t going fast enough, I later thanked him for the delay.

I met up with Ryan from ColoradO2 Photography. He was running and taking photos of the event and invited me to join! We did the Pelican Lakes Turkey Trot 5 mile in Windsor, CO at the Pelican Lakes Golf Course. There was also 5K, but we both agreed that running 5 miles is way easier than running 3.2 miles. I know, crazy runners…

The weather made a good race day: running in shorts, at the end of November, in Colorado…now that’s pretty crazy. Although, the wind made it a tiny bit brisk, so I opted for a long sleeved shirt with the shorts. I’m glad I did, because the wind around the golf course made me pretty chilly, even when running.

The course was decently challenging for me, considering I haven’t raced in a long time. It was up and down little hills, over and over and over. And it weaved left and right, following the golf cart paths. In the beginning, it was super crowded, as everyone was trying to squeeze on a normal width sidewalk. The 5ker’s and the 5 miler’s stuck together until about 2.5 miles where they separated us.

The 5Ks went left and the 5milers went right. Considerably less people went right, so it made for a more peaceful run. The path wove up and down and left and right through more golf course areas, presenting views of gigantic houses bordering the course. The path became goose-pooped covered as it neared a lake (possibly Pelican Lake…not really sure). The trail bordered the lake as it came to a close and met back up with the 5K people. I dodged a crazy family, chasing each other with a stroller, rounding the corner to the finish!

As for me, personally, I did alright. I had some knee and shin splint pains the next day, but most likely due to not heavily running for awhile. I finished in about 45 minutes. I do not know my official time yet, but to be honest, I don’t care too much this time. I was racing merely to get back in the spirit of racing. It did work! I’ve been researching races like crazy!

Although my race time is decent, and average for me (average now…it’s still a lot faster than I was just a year ago), I felt like I ran really sloppily. I didn’t get to wear my headphones, so I was forced to listen to the awkward clunks of my feet on the sidewalk. I felt like I was slowing and speeding up back and forth the whole time. Just all around sloppy.

I did not, however, take any pictures. Which is super weird for me because I take pictures of everything. I don’t have any artistic talent, but I love to have picture memories of everything. I just wasn’t in the mood for some reason. I’ve been in a weird mindset for awhile. But Ryan did take pictures. You can check them out here, on his website. And supposedly he got a picture of me finishing, but I have yet to see it….this must mean I look awful and sloppy! Just kidding. Well, probably not just kidding.

The event finished by handing out awards (Ryan took first in his age/gender and 2nd overall…no big deal or anything!) and we watched a crazy turkey chase around kids as they searched for orange eggs filled with candy or the lucky few that had a golden ticket to select a special prize. Man, can I be a kid again, please!?

While watching the children run around, I butted into a conversation I over heard….A 10 year boy was telling his family how fast he ran the 5k…which was in 20 minutes, if I remember correctly. He was only in the 5th grade and he was running that fast already! Can you imagine what he could be doing by the time he’s my age!?! I asked when track teams and cross country teams started at his age and he said he had to wait for next year. I added my piece, “Well, you probably should join, kid.” And his whole family laughed.

3 thoughts on “Turkey Trot – Windsor, CO

  1. I had a similar experience at my Turkey Trot…this 9 year old girl beat me by 40 seconds…sub 20 5k…at 9!!!!!! I was like, I don’t feel too bad…you are going to beat much better runners than me in your life.

  2. this little dude was running about ten yards in front of me at the turkey trot i ran, and when i finally pulled ahead of him, as i ran by i asked him how old he was. he looked up and said, “eleven!” ridiculous!

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