2012 – Post Year Recap!

WOW. It’s the end of the year already!? I don’t believe it. Nope.

So, let’s say it IS actually the last day in 2012. IF it is…then it’s time to look back on the year.

Is anyone else like me, and when the end of a year comes, you feel like it came way too fast and there was so much stuff you wanted to do?? Well, the good news is: the world didn’t end, and you always have next year. This year was a slightly different feeling for me. I sat down to think about the past 12 months, 365 days (was it a leap year? I don’t remember..), and my brain first wanted to think…ugh, nothing accomplished…BUT WAIT!! I did SOOO much this last year! I even went through all my old pictures to recount the memories. I’d like to share my Post 2012 Recap with you, running and the non-running parts.

Here’s a bunch of pictures to entertain you before I jabber on:

My Post Year Recap:


I completed 14 total races!!!! I was super excited at that number! My favorite was probably the Crazy Horse Half in South Dakota. My least favorite was probably the Missoula Mile….BUT only because of the length! The trip and event itself was a blast. Most challenging: Horsetooth Half, hands down. Easiest: actually, I’m not sure! They were all challenging in different ways!

I finished 7 states so far. Now, it’s not that many to some people who have similar goals, but 7 is a lot to me. Especially considering I’m funding this myself and struggling financially. I think my “competitors” have it a little bit easier in that regard. Jealous? Yes, I am. I wish I had the money to fund my project and had the time to take off more. But I do what I can and I know that when I do complete my goal, I will feel all the more accomplished.

I made a bunch of PRs! My new Half marathon PR is 1:51:37 accomplished during the Crazy Horse (and as I’m writing this, I realized I didn’t up date that on my “about me” page). My new 10K PR is 51 minutes flat. And my 5K turned out to 24:15. I look forward to trying to beat these again in 2013.

I attempted to run a marathon…but we all know the story with that. I did make it to the 18 mile mark in training. Which, running 18 miles is quite the accomplishment in itself.

Other Physical Activities:

I fell in love with snowboarding and ventured in the mountains as often as I could.

I also completed my first 14er!!! In fact, I did do this year: Mt. Bierdstat and Long’s Peak. I’ve live 99% of my life in Colorado and this was the first year I climbed up 14,000 ft!


I started this blog this year…and I’m having a blast with it! Sometimes I get busy and it’s not my priority, but I still love it. And I love all the blogs I read and my regular readers as well (I love ANY reader actually) – it makes me feel cool.

Some of my favorite posts were: Horsetooth Half Marathon – Post Race Recap (which was also my most read), Running With Dogs, Mt. Marathon, Women Runner’s – Please Be Carefull! (I believe this was my most shared post), and Need Some Zombie Motivation? (this was the most fun to write, for me).


I’ve been through four jobs this year!!! UGH! I was at an emergency clinic as a veterinary technician starting this year and due to hostile work environments, I quit. I then worked at a holistic vet clinic for a bit, and because the other technician was a…rude person to say it nicely… and I wasn’t getting enough hours, I choose to take another job that made me lots of false promises. This vet turned into the worst situation ever, and I had to leave for my own ethical reasons. This whole round of horrible jobs lead me to completely switch careers, turn my back on being a vet tech, and go to school to become a personal trainer. I’m pretty sure this was the best decision of the year.


I’ve said it before, I have no desire to write a dating blog, even though I think I would have some fantastic stories to share with the world,  so I’ll keep this brief. I was in 4 actual, what I would call, relationships this year. Not sure if that’s good or bad. I’m definitely not sad about it now. They didn’t work out for one reason or the other, and that’s all there is to it. It’s nothing to be sad about, just is. Period. I am going into a new year single…for the first time since I was 17 years old. lol Weird. I didn’t think of that until now. But, I’m ok with that! I really do need to figure out what I need/want from life before I sucker someone along to join me.


I love my family. I think I’ve gotten a lot closer to my immediate family in the last year! It’s pretty awesome to have have an awesome support team – figuratively and literally!


This has been an interesting year in that regard. I’ve definitely learned who my true friends are, probably not in the most desirable way, but at least I know! I’ve lost a few friends, probably for the better. But I’ve gained, not a lot of friends, but in the quality of friendships. I have some of the best friends anyone could ask for. I always say that I would rather have a few GREAT friends than have a lot of decent friends. I have a track record of picking friendships (and relationships) with people who don’t treat me so well, but I’m glad that I have found the few who like me for who I am and are supportive and caring – they know who they are! I also got asked to be a Maid of Honor in a wedding for next year. Probably one of the nicest compliments someone can receive.


I give this year a rating of: WEIRD. There was some fantastically, awesome, wonderful moments. But there was also some horrible, awful, disappointing moments. I accomplished a lot, but I also feel like I am starting at the beginning in some a lot of aspects. I guess 2013 will definitely be a new beginning in more ways than one.

I learned a lot this year. In the literal sense: cooking, starting school, starting new jobs; and in the other sense: about myself and people. I literally DID a lot. I don’t sit still. In fact, I’m pretty exhausted. But I have no intention of slowing down!!! I have so many plans and ideas I want to get started on! A new year is perfect place to start. Actually, I’m starting it off by having out with friends, new and old and running in a 5K tomorrow morning.

I hope you all have a Happy (and safe) New Years!!

14 thoughts on “2012 – Post Year Recap!

  1. Ha — I love your final verdict of “WEIRD” for the year. Reading through the post though, it’s definitely deserved. “Roller coaster” doesn’t come close to describing the crazy ride you went through. But hey, at least you know you’re living. There are many people who went through the year with little to note — but you’ve packed several years of living into just one. If 2013 continues the trend, then you’re likely in for another great run.

  2. YAY! on becoming a personal trainer! Being a trainer is so fulfilling! I know you’ll be a great one! Happy New Year and congrats on all that you have accomplished so far! 2013 is going to be a great year! Happy Running! Cheers!

  3. Sorry…I’m just getting around to blog catch up. You have had a weird year. I kind of got exhausted emotionally and physically for you just reading this! I will say that I had a year very similar to yours when I was 23 down to job drama and relationships (except I wouldn’t necessarily even label them as relationships), and then BOOM I got a great job and met Aaron and we were engaged 6 months later (easily the least rational thing I’ve ever done). So sometimes after a ridiculous year, everything can fall into place. Just in the past few months, I’ve noticed that you’ve really started to branch out, make new friends (I mean, you did jump into a relay with random people on a moment’s notice), really stand up for yourself and your values, and conquer fitness goals. I think you are on track to an amazing and happy 2013!

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