New Year’s Resolutions

How’s everyone’s first week of 2013? Mine is already fantastic, for lots of reasons! However, I haven’t had a chance to post my actual new year’s resolutions yet.

Love Calvin and Hobbes!

Love Calvin and Hobbes!

You get a whole week+ to decide on New Year’s Resolutions, right?? I took the whole week anyway. Resolutions take time to think about and make. You don’t want to make them TOO unrealistic that they never get accomplished, but you also don’t want to make them too easy that you don’t have to do any work. Most of my resolutions are geared around my active lifestyle stuff, but I have a few other mixed in as well.

This is how it works, right?

This is how it works, right?

Here it goes:

1. Run one Race a month. I think this will keep me busy enough, but not TOO busy!

2. And 13 races in 2013. I joined the 13in2013 group. Started by this girl named Jil, and now has over 700 participants! They’ve even been throwing around ideas for shirts and medals when complete. I think it might be too late to sign up now, so sorry if you’re just now finding out about this!

I chose the "variety" category.

I chose the “variety” category.

3. Keep track of all my miles this year. I’ve never actually done this. I’m curious to see home many TOTAL miles I run throughout a year. I don’t think I want any goals of having to run a certain amount of miles because I have no idea what is going to happen the rest of year. Now, I just have to remember to write my miles down! And you better believe I will be tracking down to the last tenth of a mile! You never know when those will add up!

4. Volunteer at a race. I’ve volunteered at a couple races when I was in college, but it was for a volunteer organization I was involved with at the time. I want to just sign up on my own as a volunteer. I think it would be fun and a way to give back to the running community.

5. Do a full marathon. Yes, I do want to finally do one. Starting to train again looks daunting.

6. Add 5 more 14er’s to my list. I did my first two last summer and want to keep going! I’d like to do at least 5 more this summer!

7. Meet at least two more bloggers! I met two last year, so that seems like a good number to shoot for.

8. Graduate from NPTI! I mean, this is inevitable, but you never know! I also want to try to get “honors” in this program…but we’ll see after I get the first test back! And obviously, in addition to this, is to get a job as Certified Personal Trainer.

9. MOVE! I want to be out of this house before 2014. I actually want to be out of this house tomorrow, but that’s not realistic.

10. I want to knock off a few more states. I don’t want to put an exact number because I have no idea what this year will bring for me financially or time wise, but hopefully I’ll get to do a few more!

11. Write a sponsor letter. I really think I have a good idea to get some sponsors, and it’s more than just my run a race in every state. I NEED to get a sponsor letter written, and then the rest will fall into place, hopefully.

I think that about covers it! I don’t have any big blogging resolutions, but I will promise you I wont disappear!  You’re stuck with me now!

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16 thoughts on “New Year’s Resolutions

  1. Looks like we have some of the same goals! CO friends? I just signed up for my first marathon through Team in Training – you should check them out and do San Diego with the team in June! 🙂

  2. We have so many similar goals! I need to pick your brain about 14ers since I think your posts were the ones that enlightened me to the idea that you don’t have to be a crazy mountain person to reach the top of one!

    • Pick away!!! I have this really awesome book (i’ll have to look up the title when i get home) but it details all the colorado 14ers, giving very good directions how to get to the mountains, up them, and everything else you need to know. There’s also a website (i think it’s that’s really good too. Maybe we can coordinate and try and tackle one together!

    • you too! And I’m thinking about the bismark marathon (or half if there’s one associated). I’m trying to make a trip to ND soon actually because one of my best friends just moved up there ironically!

      • My friend actually really, really doesn’t like it…no offense! Lol. She’s from Colorado and misses the sun a lot, and it’s just really cold right now up there. Not that it’s any warmer here, but we get random 60 degree days in CO during the winter! She posted a pic on facebook yesterday of the “heat wave” this week! lol

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