Announcing The New Goal Marathon(s?)!

To be honest, I’m still deciding what I want to do the full 100%. I have a few people telling me to do it, and most people telling me to chill out and just do the 15k first and then the marathon after the wedding. I hate to say it, but I’m leaning towards to the doing that latter idea.

I’m kinda sad about it, but I don’t want to kill myself and I want to be able to physically WALK in my friend’s wedding. Also, the 15K race in Maine gets a medal too!!!! So that’s fun! I think for my Racing the States project, I’ll still focus on running any type of race in every state, but for my life project, I think it would be cool to have a half (or even a full) marathon in every state. But I’m young, I’ve got plenty of years to do that!

Although, if I just do the 15K first, the friend that I got into running will complete a marathon a week before me. And it still upsets me. I don’t know why, but it does. Especially considering she didn’t take the step to a half marathon first. Oh well. I’m glad I got someone into running, but running is my life, and that makes me jealous!

sugarloaf mountain symbolSo, as of this second, right now, I’m going to plan on doing the The Sugarloaf Marathon Series 15K at the Sugarloaf Mountain Resort in Maine on May 19th. This race looks really fun and pretty! I’m really excited.

vermont city marathon logoThe following weekend, I will drive a couple hours to Vermont, and run the Key Bank Vermont City Marathon in Burlington, Vermont on May 26th! This will be my FIRST marathon! I’m really excited to be training again!

I’m also just really excited for a vacation in general, and as you can imagine, I’m counting down the days!

In other news, I’m happy to report that I was offered a job as a “Program Advisor” as a Bally’s Total Fitness Gym!!!! Basically that means I will be selling memberships, taking people on tours and stuff like that. The best part is that once I do get my personal training certification….there’s the option that I can move laterally in the company and train there!!! Which is really exciting and just what I need. Bally’s seems like a really good company to work for so far!

I will be keeping my job at Dick’s Sporting Goods for a little while longer to catch up on bills and such, but I’m really excited for this opportunity! Finally – a job at a gym!!!!

Hope everyone else’s weeks are going well!

20 thoughts on “Announcing The New Goal Marathon(s?)!

  1. Ah, the full marathon. That’s definitely a journey worth taking and I’m glad you’re committing to it. I look forward to reading about the shorter races between now and then. Good luck and congratulations on the new job!

  2. Congratulations on your new job! That works out perfect! While in school you can already start networking and see hat works and what doesn’t. Perfect! VEry happy for you!!

  3. Congratulations on the new job! That’s awesome! And your friend MAY run a marathon first, but I’m guessing you’ll have a much faster time! I think it is pretty crazy for people to jump into a marathon without ever doing a half first.

    • I agree. With both parts! It’s a whole different build up: training for a half vs a full. Sure you build up to 13 miles in full marathon training, but you build up FAST, and it’s fast because most people have ran halfs before and they know what it’s like to be on their feet for 2+ hours

  4. Grr it won’t let me like it!

    Don’t be jealous. 🙂 I am just doing it to prove something to myself after my crappy year. If I can run a marathon and survive 2012, then I really am strong. Just because I run slower than I used to doesn’t mean anything. It just gives me something improve on. I lost myself for awhile, and this marathon (and my support) system is a means of finding me again.

    I wish I could run like you. Hell. I wish I wasn’t a stress eater. But I’ve found that for myself, being a “size 0” is not for me. I have to be comfortable with myself before I can be comfortable in life. Running this marathon will get me back into exercising, which admittedly I lost total and complete interest in during my whole ordeal. But I never want to be the size I used to be ever again and I think a good running regiment will help me to accomplish that.

    You’re still doing the horsetooth, right? I’m gonna sign up when I get paid. 🙂 it’ll be right on track for my progress.

    • I’m not even sure you’ll see this, but here’s my reply: I’ll say these things once and only once. It’s my true opinion, and honest self. Your comment made me feel a little better, but not much. I’ve been talking to a few friends about why it’s bothering me so much and I’ve come up with a few conclusions. I get WHY you’re doing it. Don’t get me wrong, i get it. 2012 wasn’t the best year for a lot of us. I could use that argument too, but I don’t. I think your reasoning behind is admirable, however, I don’t think it is smart or ideal. I personally think you are going to hurt yourself, and this is coming from my experience in the sport and my new knowledge from school. The other part of what bothers me about it, is that I’m pretty offended that you didn’t ask for my advice on plans, nutrition for training, which plans, which races, etc etc. I’ve been doing this awhile and I’m offended. I get it though, I’m sure you feel like it makes you stronger to do it all on your own – I just don’t want you to get sick or injured. IF you would have asked for my advice, I probably would have said to shoot for the half first. Knowing where you are at with your running level and experience, I think that would have been more idea. Only because the build up to a half and a full marathon are completely different. Just because you’re up to 13 miles in the full training plan, doesn’t mean a body is ready for that. Races like the horsetooth have and a lot of other halfs are TOUGH. The horsetooth in particular is EXTREMELY hilly and you WILL (at the very least) get sore afterwards and it WILL affect the rest of your training. Especially because it will be your first HALF.
      With that being said, I DO support you! That is true. I think it’s a cool idea, in general, with the right nutrition (this is a key to marathons as well) and the right plan. I hope this doesn’t upset you, but I know it will in some way or the other. I HOPE that you are doing the right things, and that you makes it through, even if I will be jealous that you’re completing one before me. Please understand, Running is my thing. Out of everyone I know, friends, family, etc, I’m the runner. it’s what I do and Its one of the few things unique to me and that I’m good at. That is why I’m a little offended that someone else will have done a marathon before me. In the past, I had gotten past boyfriends into running with me, and they always end up fasters…and I get the same feeling. Hopefully all that makes sense. It’s not meant to upset you. Its just to tell you my true, honest opinion.

  5. Congrats on the job! I also think you’re making the right choice on waiting to run the marathon. Once you’re out there running it, what anyone else did before you won’t matter. It’s you’re marathon – enjoy it!

  6. Congrats on the new job! I ran the full Sugarloaf last year and despite the heat, it was a fabulous point to point race. Gorgeous, small meditative. It’s in my home state and my home ski mountain, so it was bittersweet.

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