Tuesday Newsday 2/5

Wow. It’s already February! I’m really not comprehending how fast the days are going.

Anyway. This last week was not a good week for my marathon training. I only got in two weeks. Yeah, two. : (

I ended up getting really sick after the previous weekend (remember, I had that horrible run when I wasn’t feeling well?) Well, I didn’t get better. I got progressively more sick. Stomach issues. Then I finally felt better towards the end of the week….only to get sick again….

Monday: Rest day. Same stuff, different day: Work and school. I did start my new job this day though. It’s going alright.

Tuesday: 3 miles. 0 miles accomplish. I went to school during the day and then went and saw these guys (sorry about the horrible pic, it’s a concert, and it’s my phone):

Only My FAVORITE band ever! It's a band called Silverstein.

Only My FAVORITE band ever! It’s a band called Silverstein.

Wednesday: 5 miles. 0 miles. I was PLANNING on doing the 3 miles from yesterday, and just shifting training a day each, but I felt horrible. I didn’t even drink much at the concert I went to, I swear! I was miserable at work the whole day. My co-workers felt so bad for me.

Thursday: 3 miles. I did actually get 3 miles in. I was feeling a little better this day. Just tired. But I literally squeezed the miles in after work, before school with 2 minutes to spare to change and sit in class. After all, I am in personal training school; there’s a gym at school. So I just had to hop off the treadmill and walk across the hall to school. But I’m pretty sure this was the fastest treadmil run I have ever done. I ALWAYS run slower on the treadmill for some reason. I ran these 3 miles in 28:15. I was kinda proud. One of my calss mates was also running next to me and in class exclaimed in front of everyone that I was a “Beast on the treadmill.” Needless to say, I blushed.

Friday: Rest Day. I worked BOTH jobs this day.

Saturday/Sunday: 9 mile long run. I was debating which day to do this run on. I had work 3pm to 10pm on saturday and 12 to 7:30pm on sunday. I usually stick to Sunday long run days because that’s the day the marathon is and it’s important to get your body used to running the long run on the same day as race to prepare for the actually marathon. However, I decided on saturday. That gave me PLENTY of time to be done and ready to go to work.

I woke up Saturday morning with a light headache, runny nose and sore throat. But it wasn’t that bad. The rest of my body felt ready and energized. I ate my eggs and toast, did another bodily check; what’s the rule? Sick above the neck: Run; Sick below the neck: rest? Something like that. I didn’t have a cough. I decided to run. And run I did! It was fantastic! I felt great. It was perfect temperature! The ONLY thing wrong with this run is that I had to pee nearly 3/4 of the run. (There was ONE port-a-potty along the route and it looked sketchy and random – There’s usually more, one in each park I pass, but I think they took them out for the winter). At least I knew I was well hydrated!

Actually, I felt decent after the run; almost as if it “flushed” the cold out of my head. I did a recon on my body. My chest, legs and the rest of my body felt fine post run. My head was just sniffly.

I showered, dressed and even had time to watch my friend’s climbing competition at a local indoor climbing gym. I rolled into work and felt worse and worse as the night wore on. HORRIBLE in fact. I had been downing fluids all day (all week for that matter) and Emergen-C. Of course no one at work had any sympathy, and I worked through my entire shift and of course showed up for the next day shift as well, Man are they lucky I’m such a good employee!

Week 2 total miles: 9, a measly 9 miles. : (

SO, to cheer myself up after the horrible weekly milage, I calculated my total miles for the month of January; because I’ve been diligently tracking my miles since the beginning of the year.

January Total Miles: 64.54 miles!!! That’s a lot! At least to me. If I continue this pace (which I wont, it’s only going increase) I’ll be looking at 700+ miles for the year…I think I might shoot for running 1000 miles for the entire year….

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