For The Love of Running!

loverunningHappy Valentines Day…now excuse my why I go wash my mouth out with soap. I don’t mean to sound pessimistic, but unfortunately, I hate valentines day. Always have. Single or taken, it’s still the same. The “holiday” was made up by the greeting card companies in combination with the candy companies to make an additional buck or two. Even though it’s a sweet idea (no pun intended) to show your love some love, I feel like they have a WHOLE rest of a year to do it, not just because there’s the obligation of a holiday. I’ll still take the candy though! 🙂

Anyway, I don’t use the “L” word very often. Seriously. I’m pretty scared of it. It involves too many feelings..and I don’t like feelings that much either. Especially in the literal romantic sense. Never mind my romantical insecurities, I usually reserve the L word for family and really close friends; even though I’m pretty sure I only use it with one friend.

I do however use it for one other thing: Running. Yep, it’s true. I’m in love with running. Besides people, I also rarely use the “L” word with things. If you hear me, or read something I write where I used the L word with something, you KNOW I’m serious.

Being active in the running (blogging) community, a get a lot of emails all week long. One really caught my interest from #RunChat. They are doing a “Spread the Love” challenge in response to the “holiday.” During the week of Valentines Day (barf), you can tweet, blog, facebook etc about what you love about running. In your blog, they would LOVE for you to write 5-10 things you love about running.

5-10?? Really? That’s ALL???? I’m sure I could list HUNDREDS of things I love about running…that’s how much I LOVE running. (So much love up in here, huh!?)

love running10. Stress Relief

9. The running community – a sense of belonging. This includes the blogging world as well as the connections I’ve made in “real life” (although, I’m sure you are all real, I just haven’t met you!).

8. Time to myself. Running gives me a chance to take some me time and sort out stuff in my head.

7. Fitness. Just keeping up with running keeps me in shape; although everyone does need supplemental strength training, but even without, there’s a minimal level of fitness.

6. In addition, because I run so much, I need a lot a fuel. Fuel = Food. I LOVE food as well.

5. Competition. Running in races give my competitive side a chance to escape!

4. Traveling. Even just in my own city. When you explore your neighborhood on foot, it gives you a different view of the world and a better sense of distance. In addition, with my goal of running a race in every state, I literally get to travel and that is something no one should take for granted – seeing another part of the world (even in your own country) is a privilege.

3. Therapy. It’s similar to reason number 8, but when I’m upset, running always makes me feel better. Always. I’ve gotten over and through a lot of things because of running.

2. The feeling of accomplishment. It’s a great feeling. It’s for no one else but myself. Even little things everyday. IF i’m super tired but I still make it through that 3 mile run, that’s an accomplishment. Training for a marathon and going further and further than I have every run, that’s an amazing accomplishment. AKA self pride.

1. The numbero uno reason I love running is because I can control it. I can’t control a lot of other things in my life, but running is completely controllable by me, myself and I. I can control time, distance, intensity. I may not be able to control the weather, but I can choose to dress appropriated or take my workout inside. I can control if I am comptetive for just out for stress relieve. Control is the number on reason I run so much.

A lot of my friends bawk at my love of running and think I’m crazy. But I’m crazy in love…with running. I even have proof that you can smile and run at the same time!

Smiling when I realize I KILLED my PR!

Smiling when I realize I KILLED my PR!

Kinda blurry, but enjoying my run in the Wild West Relay!

Kinda blurry, but enjoying my run in the Wild West Relay!

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