Tuesday Newsday – 2/19 – Fantastic Week Edition

Welcome back to Tuesday Newsday. I am in a particularly good mood, even for just having finished a test. While waiting for the rest of my classmates to finish racking their brains, I have chosen to work on updating all of you on my marathon training. My week was filled with fantastic workouts, snowboarding, first dates and much needed friend time!

Week 4 of the Vermont City Marathon Training!

vermont city marathon logoI had an excellent week of training/fitness in general.  I worked out so much last week from work and school and marathon training that I feel so much stronger in such a short amount of time.

Monday: Rest Day for Running. Push day at school. I worked my upper body push muscles for training practice in school. I’m not sure how aware of a program like this you are, but we do actually make real workouts for our real goals to practice program design and training techniques. I don’t mind; it saves me time during the day so that I can get my resistance training in.

Tuesday: 3 miles. 2.7 miles complete on the treadmill at work. I got a really weird side cramp, which doesn’t happen very often at all so I cut my run a little short.

Wednesday: 6 miles. None complete, I did however get to do Fit Traxx at work. If there’s Bally’s near you, you should check out the Fit Traxx program. It’s a small group circuit training program that allows you to get one on one attention from a trainer without paying as much for straight up personal training. It’s also more personal than a group fitness or boot camp class as well. I got to try it on my lunch so that I know what I’m talking about when clients ask about it. It was really fun and gave me a great workout! I then went on to do a leg day at school…and got my butt kicked!

Thursday: 3 miles. I completed 3 miles to celebrate my Love for Running, but man was I sore from school’s workout! My “trainer” kicked my butt and I was hobbling around all day. I also countered my exercise by chowing down on these delicious chocolate covered strawberries from my mom!!!



Friday: Rest Day. I felt like I didn’t get much running in during the week, so while on lunch at work, I popped in 2 miles on the treadmill to get the lactic acid to move out of my legs. Then, to finish off the work week (and after working from 7am to 10pm) I joined my friends for a beer at a local tavern then spent the night at my friend’s place to prepare for the next day’s adventure of…..

Saturday: SNOWBOARDING!!!!!! I was super excited because I haven’t had a chance to get to the mountains for awhile; and for a season pass holder, that’s depressing. I finally got a day off from work and immediately jumped at the opportunity to hit the slopes.

Two Crazy/Hyper girls and Trevor...torturing him with pictures!

Two Crazy/Hyper girls and Trevor…torturing him with pictures!

After the adventure and exploring new routes at Keystone, we stopped at Beau Joes Pizza (the original) in Idaho Springs and I headed back to town to study.

Sunday: 11 miles. I’m pretty sure I’m not meant to sleep in. I woke up bright and early to eat breakfast and get in 11 miles before work. I even had a fantastic run. No complaints, I was in the zone. I was so in the zone that apparently I didn’t even see my co-worker running towards me! Which is super strange because I almost always give other runners the “nod” or the “wave.” When my co-worker told me he saw me running and reported that I didn’t wave back, I felt so bad! Must’ve really been lost in thought: a side effect of an awesome run. I powered through work til the end and enjoyed a lovely night with a gentleman.

Week 4 total miles: 18.7!

All in all, I’ve been super content and happy with the past week and they way things are going. I’ve been making a lot of connections in the running world as well as the professional world despite my lack of sleep. What’s that phrase? Oh yeah, you can sleep when you’re dead! (And coffee has been a staple of my diet).

drink coffee

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