Running for Angels

Photo Credit: Tim; this is Tim's Race Logo.

Photo Credit: Tim; this is Tim’s Race Logo.

(UPDATE!!!! Use promo code RACINGTHESTATES to register for the original prices!!! $30 dollars for a tee and medal, $20 for just a medal)

I really do like doing races where the proceeds go to benefit a good cause. After all, I’m not winning anything, so why not make sure my money goes to something more than a t-shirt or a medal?!

In all seriousness, with all us able bodied runners out there, we have the luxury of actually running. This is OUR talent. For me, its my passion and expertise. I think it would be very selfless to use our goods to better the lives of others. We can do that through our feet. We can organize runs, events, expos; all in the name of running for a good cause. No all events do have a beneficent, but a lot do.

I do dream of the day where I find that one cause that I want to raise money or organize an event for. That’s not to say I don’t support other grand causes. I just need that passionate spark to ignite so that I go out of my way for it. I hope that doesn’t sound like I don’t care about anything. In reality, I have more passion for a whole lot of things that it can be overwhelming. This is why I want to find that ONE thing that I can devote a ton of time to in order to organize a run for. In the meantime, I’ll support all causes and run a lot of races for a lot of different causes.

Until my next race, I’d like to introduce you all to someone with a strong passion to help others.

Meet Tim. Tim writes Tim’s Running Reviews. He’s a runner! (surprised?). I’m not even entirely sure how he found my blog or how I found his, but it was a recent find and an immediate like. He’s fairly new to the blogging world, but running with a huge heart.

Yep, creepily taken from his blog

Yep, creepily taken from his blog

Tim runs to raise funds and awareness for Angelman Syndrome. (That’s Tim, and yep, I creepily copied the picture from the internet; but I feel like it’s better to put a face with a name —–>)

What is Angelman Syndrome? I first heard of the rare disease back in college when I took human heredity and birth defects at CSU. When I found Tim’s blog and read his story, I did a little more research on the subject. Angelman Syndrome is a neurodevelopment genetic disorder that affects 1 in 15,000 births. Basically, it’s a genetic birth defect that affects neurologic function and development of children.  Symptoms aren’t usually seen in infancy but the most observed characteristics are developmental delay, balance and movement disorder, unique behavioral characteristics (often confused with autism), speech impairment, delayed or disproportionate head growth, seizures and heart rate irregularities. Tim describes the syndrome a little better than me here and I’ll provide more information at the end if you’re interested.

Back in 2011, Tim found out that his cousin’s daughter had this rare disorder and thus the passion was ignited and on he ran!

After finding Tm’s blog, I learned that he was putting together a virtual race to benefit and raise awareness for this disorder. I saw that he offered a free race entry on facebook and I ended up winning. I was pretty excited and decided that in exchange,  I would help promote his race and share it with everyone I know! Please check it out, register, run, support, follow Tim’s blog, whatever it is, I hope something good happens!

Event: Running For Angels 5k Virtual Race

Date: Week of 4/21/2013

Where: ANYWHERE! Oh, I love virtual races!

Cost: Tee and Medal – $35, Medal only – $25

Registration: Here

Contact Tim:

Photo Credit: Tim; Race medal!

Photo Credit: Tim; Race medal!

Information/Other Links:

Running for Angel’s Facebook Page

Tim’s Running Reviews Blog

Tim’s Facebook Page

Other “Angel” Runners

More Information on Angelman Syndrome:

The Angelman Syndrome Foundation

Foundation for Angelman Therapeutics

Genetics Home Research

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