Super Bummed – Map My Fitness is missing out on the best ambassador

Less than a month ago, I received an email from a MapMyFitness ambassador inviting me to apply to be an ambassador for the Denver area.  I was ecstatic!!! The email stated:

“Hi there Whitney,

We noticed that you’re pretty much killing it on MapMyFitness and wanted to see if you’d be interested in being one of our first local Ambassadors? We are seeking ride, run and fitness enthusiasts that can share their knowledge about races, events and clubs in their area with the MapMyFitness community and believe you’d be the perfect fit. We hope that you’re having such a positive experience with our products that you’d be willing to spread the word for us, and in return we’ll give you some extra perks throughout the year!”

Maybe some of you out there got similar emails if you use Map My Run, but either way, I was stoked! This would have been the perfect opportunity for me to share my passion. So, in between the 50+ hours I am working on top of the 20 hours of school a week, I was working on perfecting my  short answers for the application. I’ve been editing and proof reading and I even had a friend of mine (Shay at  Skin Poetre Photography) to edit it.

The email said to summit the application before March 1st. Finally having thought my answers were perfect, I jump online, February 28th, to fill in the blanks with my answers from the word document that I wrote them in …. only to find it’s closed. Early. And not early just in Denver time. Even if it was the east coast it would have been early.

I know it was last minute, but last minute is still ON TIME. All for the sake of having the best application.

I’m completely disheartened, sad and bummed.

I replied to the email that was sent to me (even though it had “do not reply” in the email address) and summited a comment/question directly on Map My Run both explaining this story. I’m still searching for other modes of communication with the company.

Since I had worked really hard on my answers, I’m going to share them all with you and show you how awesome of a Map My Fitness Ambassador I would be. Maybe the Map My Fitness business will see my blog post! (What? I can always dream).

1. Do you currently compete at any level? Explain.

In the past, I competed in high school track and cross-country. Currently, I compete in a variety of different races including 5K’s, 10Ks, half marathons and soon to be a full marathon. I also try to mix it up and compete in mud runs, trail runs in addition to the road races. Although I have won a couple of age group placements in the last few years, my main competition level is against myself and trying to break my own personal records. I keep myself accountable by writing and maintaining a blog dedicated to running, health and fitness and my goal of running a race in every state.

2. What are some of your personal fitness goals?

I am currently training for my first full marathon. In addition to this being my first one, after an injury set back for the Las Vegas Rock-n-Roll marathon I wanted to do last year, I am competing in a different state. Running a race in every state is a huge goal of mine that I plan on working on completing over the years, all-the-while, I am always trying to beat my own personal records and become a stronger, faster runner in general. Besides running, staying fit and healthy has always been an important goal of mine. I also add resistance training to maintain strength for overall balance and for running more efficiently. I also pay close attention to my nutrition because this is an often overlooked item for optimal fitness.

3. You’re probably awesome, but tell us why we should pick you anyways. You know, formalities.

Me?! Awesome? Ok. I’ll run with it! I recently had a drastic career change. It seemed scary at first, but because the new career was something I was extremely passionate about, I knew it was the correct path for me and that was relieving. I have always been passionate about the health and fitness industry, especially running, but before, I only used the knowledge to benefit myself. Now, I want to share the knowledge I have and the knowledge I gain everyday with the community around me. I want to help people better themselves, reach their goals, and accomplish new things. I want to lead by example. I have a yearning to be that motivational factor that urges someone to do something they never thought was possible; give them the direction that they couldn’t find elsewhere. This desire started by writing and maintaining a blog dedicated to running, health and fitness when it sparked a motivation flame for some of my friends, family and even complete strangers. I currently work at a health club and I have started a technical program to become a certified personal trainer and plan to attain a running coach certification as well.  In addition, I am highly active in all types of outdoor activities like climbing and snowboarding among other sports.

4. What would being a MapMyFiitness Ambassador mean to you?

Can I just say, “THE WORLD”? Seriously though, being a MapMyFItness ambassador would be the perfect stepping stone to attaining not only my career goals, but my life goals! Being out there, talking about my passion would be a dream come true and would give me the opportunity to lead and share my passion and knowledge for the active health community. It would be great experience to supplement my personal training and running coach certifications.  In addition to everything above, I would be able to tailor my own personal fitness goals with the people in my own community. So essentially, I’d be a rode model for THE WORLD!

So there you have it. There’s my application, well, at least the short answer questions. Would you hire me?

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