Tuesday Newsday 3/11 is late – just like my assignments!

JUST KIDDING! I actually haven’t turned in anything late – lately. ; )

Ok, ok. I for real haven’t turned in anything late. I’ve just been finishing things right up until the last minute! PHEW. I’ve been so busy lately, it’s quite ridiculous. Although, I have one less job, so you would think I would have more free time, but I’ve just filled it with other obligations that I wasn’t able to attend to before.

So, the reason that Tuesday Newsday is late is just due to the fact that I’ve had homework assignments and a tests due almost every day in the last couple of weeks. Luckily, next monday is our Semester one final, and the following monday is SPRING BREAK!!!

Ah, spring break!

Also, I’ve still been reading everyone’s blogs, I just haven’t been as active/talkative on them as usual. I’m still listening; I still love you all and your blogs.

I feel like I’m just randomly spitting my thoughts out at you all…but that’s pretty much how my brain has been working this week.

vermont city marathon logoTraining for the last week was alright…not to bad but not the greatest.

Monday: Rest Day. I tried kickboxing class this day. And LOVED it. It’s a different type of workout that really made me feel powerful. In addition, I had a push day for strength training at school.

Tuesday: 4 miles. But I only got out half a mile. I didn’t feel “right” this day. It’s kinda hard to explain, but basically my heart felt weird – not in a scary way, I was just really aware of my heart beat while running, more than normal with high intensity. Anyway, I decided to rest.

Wednesday: 7 miles. I ran 3 miles at the gym. Leg day at school.

Thursday: 4 miles. I did 4.25 miles at work.

Friday: Rest Day. I was supposed to train with one of the trainers at work; to get a feel for the process, but he “cancelled” on me. I was slightly disappointed but I used my lunch to rest instead. The lack of sleep was seriously creeping up on me. This was also my last day at Dick’s Sporting Goods and I will miss some of my co-workers, and the perks from working in running shoes.

Saturday: Rest-ish day. I drove all over that day; helped my mom pick out her wedding dress, took a test, and celebrated a friend’s bday.

Sunday. 14 miles. I actually ended up doing 15.45. Woops. I usually run with my phone and MapMyRun, but on runs longer than 10 miles, it dies. So, I pre-mapped it at home. Wrote on my hand where I needed to turn around. Headed out the door.

Ironically, training called for a 14 mile plan. I didn’t realize it at the time, but that is when I felt extremely exhausted and felt tight and couldn’t go on. After re-mapping my course when I got home, I discovered that I ran slightly past the turn around point and ran 1.45 miles over. Sweet. I’m right on track.

Total Miles for Marathon Training Week 7: 23.20


2 thoughts on “Tuesday Newsday 3/11 is late – just like my assignments!

  1. I’m a fan of kickboxing too! There certainly is something about throwing punches and kicks like a beast that makes me feel powerful too. Love hearing about your week – so much productivity!

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