Tuesday Newsday – 4/9

Oh man guys, it must be official…I FINALLY purchased my plane tickets for this big trip today!!!! Guess I can’t chicken out now (not that my friend wouldn’t kill me if I didn’t go to her wedding). There was also a Facebook post says the marathon is 40 days away!!!! Anywho…

vermont city marathon logoWeek 11 Vermont City Marathon Training:

Monday: Rest Day. I took a nice long time to foam roll and stretch on my lunch hour.

Tuesday: 5 miles Which only ended up being 3.36. I was testing out a new running app on my phone and it failed me…so I didn’t run as far as I thought. In school that night we learned some advanced fitness tests; which was fun and interesting and got me moving again.

Wednesday: 8 miles Kickboxing. My co-worker talked me into do his kick boxing class since I didn’t go on monday. I told him that I’d only go if he got out heart rates up and used a lot of leg work. Boy was the other class goers mad at me!! BUT, my butt was sore the next day! He did good work.

Thursday: 5 miles. CLOSER… I got in 4.8. I just turned around too soon on my lunch run. SO glad it was warm last week to get off the dreadmill and outside for my lunch runs.

Friday: Rest day. 5 make up miles.

Saturday: Rest Day. Ahhhh…sleeping in….

Sunday: Then this happened (CLICK IT – READ IT!). 15.6 miles done – grudgingly.

I hope everyone’s week is going better than mine!! (Corporate bullshit sucks). : (

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