My 25th Year.

It’s my birthday. Again. At 10:10 am, I will officially be 26 years of age. My 25th year proved to be a quarter life crisis for sure. It had a lot of ups and downs. I went back and looked for the post I wrote on my last birthday and found some goals I hoped to reach by today.

Here’s what I put:

1. Knock out a bunch of states for Racing the States  YAY! I knocked off 7 states!!!!! So many more to come this year!

2. Do a full marathon. – Unfortunately I didn’t do this yet, BUT, soon! like 40 or so days….!!! I was trying to do one earlier but life happened and I got injured.

3. Start training for a triathlon…maybe start with a sprint triathlon. – I forgot that I wanted to do this last year! HAHA! Maybe after the marathon I will add some swimming and biking into my work outs and TRY for a TRI. (I chuckled as I wrote that).

4. Take the GRE!! Been there, did that. UGH. But, accomplished!

5. Apply to grad schools/get in/go OR find a career that actually uses my major So, I didn’t exactly do this, however, I decided to cross it off because of my career change and the fact that I’m going back to a school. It may not be a grad school, but definitely a step in the right direction.

6. Stay my current weight…with wiggle room….I’d like to stay around what I weigh, but I’d also like to gain more muscle that might actually weigh more but look smaller. I’d say that this is accomplished. I feel so much healthier than this time last year (I also equate that to going meatless in my diet…more on that in a later post) but I definitely am more toned than last year and I am at the same weight.

7. MOVE! either states or just out of the place I live now! – DAMN. I did not accomplish this. : ( Sad face for sure, especially because of a rough encounter this morning with my living situation. I’m desperately searching for an affordable place to live; but my financial situation isn’t idea at the moment.

8. Keep up with this blog.  I’d say that this has been accomplished! I have so many more followers! I love you all! I feel so much more involved in the running community and love talking to you all through facebook, twitter and here!

bday cupcake

Birthday Cupcake from my coworker!

Overall, I’m pretty unsure of many things. I still don’t like being another year old because I’m not at where I want to be in my life. I have had major ups and downs over the last year. And by major, I’m being serious. I do have good thoughts going into my 26th year.

Although, at this current time, just by coincidence, my job has really been upsetting me. It’s a long story to get into, but basically it comes down to the facts that A) After I’m certified, I have NO desire to be a personal trainer for Bally’s and B) I am not cut out to be a membership salesperson – I just don’t look at people as if they have dollar signs over their heads. I’ve had a few conflicts in the last few weeks and feel really picked on by my immediate supervisors but also on the other side; I’ve had direct interactions with the fitness manager that has left me dishearten and disrespected.

BUT, I know that this is just this week. I don’t expect to wake up tomorrow and this situation to be gone. However, I am aware that this job/position is temporary and I have a strong passion ready to burst out of me when I’m finished with school and certified. I know that this 26th year holds a lot of good stuff for me: including the personal training cert, developing and strengthening relationships with family, friends and hopefully romantically. I have major ideas flowing through my head for my life. I’m excited to share them with you guys as time goes on.

As I did last year at this time, I would like to have some goals to reach by my next birthday:

1. MOVE OUT! Yes, I’m still going to be working on this goal.

2. Try a new type of endurance event. i.e. a triathlon, bike race, adventure race, maybe even an ultra….maybe.

3. Earn my personal training certification! (this is 99% set in stone, but I’ll write it down, just in case).

4. Get RRCA, running coach, certified.

5. Make plans for, or even start, my own personal training business.

6. Look into getting my masters as a Dietician

7. Work on getting a sponsor for Racing the States

I think these are some pretty good goals to shoot for (in addition to my New Year’s Resolutions).

As for this immediate weekend, I plan on celebrating by taking the day off from work, getting a professional massage, finishing one of my tattoos, dinners and drinks with friends and family, a bridal shower (for one of my best friends), a Sports Performance Training class (this will get me another cert when I graduate, in addition to my CPT), and find some time to study for a test I have on monday…..Even if it wasn’t my bday, my weekend will still be this slammed!

7 thoughts on “My 25th Year.

  1. I missed this while I was out of town. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Also, you need to write another marathon update post so I can write you an obnoxiously long comment all about Burlington.

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