Tuesday Newsday – 5/14 – I’m in Maine!

(I started writing this post on Tuesday, earlier this week…)

Prior to class today, I was really freaking out about my marathon, but after talking to one of the instructors about the marathon she ran recently, I feel I lot better. She had a similar situation that I am about to explain…

Let’s recap the last week of training:

vermont city marathon logoVermont City Marathon Training Week 16:

Monday: Rest/no kicking boxing. Unfortunately I had to study for my test.

Tuesday: Only 2 miles

Wednesday: 3.5 miles

Thursday: Only half a mile, guys! AHHH. It started raining, raining a lot, on my lunch break at work so I was forced to use the treadmill. I CANNOT stand that thing anymore. Plus, I was super stressed and my chest felt super tight and it was hard to breathe….long, complicated story. Sounds worse than it is….I think.

Friday: 3.75 miles.

Saturday: Rest. With Performance Enhancement Specialist elective at school. (I realize this sounds pretty precarious, as if I’m learning about giving athletes steroids. But really, the PES cert from NASM is all about just training athletes. It’s a great course and I’m learning a lot!)

Sunday: Disaster hit. So…… I went out for my last long run. It was supposed to be a 20 miler. Since it was also mother’s day, I had driven up to Longmont the night before to hangout with my mom. There’s a lake near her house and we figure out that I needed to lap the lake 5 times plus the two and from her house; that would be 20 miles. I woke up early, AGAIN, and made my way outside. It was already in the upper 60’s at 6am, so it made for a lovely day. But then I felt the pain. Not sharp, but not comfortable either. My left knee and left hip were hurting. Causing me to limp. My right arch was also hurting. Not sure which happened first or if one stated and then due to a compensation in my stride, the rest of my pains started. After my second lap around the lake, I stopped to walk a little while I forced down a GU (blueberry flavored this time and still disgusting). I chased it with water and started running again. Still painful. I tried to concentrate on my form, but nothing was helping. (In regards to it being Mother’s day, I did take my mommy to the Wild Life Animal Sanctuary..it was wonderful!)

Needless to say, I was freaking out after that; wondering if I could even do my marathon. I ran a total of 12 -13 miles that day and other than the hip and knee and arch issue, I felt great – plenty of energy, felt fine cardiovascularly. Just tight and sore.

(Cut to Saturday, as I sit in my hotel in Maine, resting before the Sugarloaf 15k)

I was freaking out all week, talking to anyone and everyone that knew anything about running. I’m still doing my marathon, there’s no question about that. I’m going to take it easy. My goal is just to finish. And I think I can. Since that attempted long run day, I’ve been taking it easy, to recover as fully as I can. Even easier than a normal taper. I have run a little; short, easy runs just to get my heart rate up and on my feet. They have resulted in me feeling just tight and heavy. I have done cross training like kickboxing and stuff as well. Mind over matter.

I will ask you to reserve any comments this time…unless it’s to tell me I’m doing just fine! It will freak me out way to much to hear anything other than, “you’ll do fine.” I’m confident I’ll do fine, and that’s all I need to know right now.

And also, for the record, I think anyone who says tapering is hard is certifiably nuts. I’m so happy it’s shorter runs!!!!! I mean, it could be my over trained, under slept self that is biased. But bring on the taper!

sugarloaf mountain symbolSo, back to the present. I am laying on my bed at the Spillover Motel in Stratton, Maine which is about a 15 min drive from where I need to be tomorrow at 6:30 am. Tomorrow will be my recovery test run.

I’ve picked up my packet, ate some spaghetti, and laid out my clothes. I’m about to hop in the shower and then tuck myself in. I think this will be one of my most prepared races I’ve run in a loooong while.

Also, there’s still time to get me your favorite workout jams for me to put on my running play list!

7 thoughts on “Tuesday Newsday – 5/14 – I’m in Maine!

  1. All the best running today and next week! I’m really looking forward to your race recap for the marathon especially since I was in Burlington last week. I was thinking of you every time I saw a runner and was obsessively checking the weather on your behalf. 🙂 It looks like a GORGEOUS course for your first marathon!

  2. you’re going to be fabulous!! have a wonderful time – you only get to do your first marathon once! also, i agree with you on two very important points: (1) GU gels are just gross – i’ve tried every flavor and every last one makes me sick. which is why i eat swedish fish haha. sure, i look like a cow chewing cud for a few hundred yards, but no tummy troubles! and (2) TAPERING IS THE BEST. sorry, die hard-ers, but my secretly lazy ass LOVES taper week.as do my tires, beat up legs. but i digress – good luck!!

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