Tuesday Newsday, another quick update to keep you entertained/interested in me ;)

Hello again,

Here’s another quicky updatey thingy:

I still haven’t had time to work on my running posts. I have been writing paper after paper after paper for school.

BUT the countdown has begun: 6 more days left of classes! 3 more this week (including today) and three next week.

What am I doing to celebrate being done with classes next week? Running a Half Marathon on the Fourth of July, of course!

In between today and last time I addressed you all, I spent a lot of time working and working on school stuff, but I did get a chance to see my most anticipated movie: World War Z!!!!!! And…it was fantastic. I highly recommend it, although, I may be biased based on my zombie addiction. It actually is pretty good, I think. I’d wager to say it maybe be one of my favorite movies.

I think it was very realistic, if a zombie out break were to happen (virus form!) and I thought the cinematics and acting were well done. I also think these zombies are probably some of the scariest ones I have seen!!

Anyway go see it…. it’ll make you want to do what I did the following day after watching it….

In the spirit of seeing World War Z, I, Whitney, faced one of my greatest fears and learned how to shoot! Shoot, as in guns. Actually, I have always wanted to learn, but have been pretty scared and no one has wanted to take me.

So, my special friend took me to shoot!!! And I had a blast. We shot a hand gun and a rifle. I liked the rifle better because I felt like I had more control over it. Anyway, it was a big fear of mine, and I was terrified and almost chickened out, but I over came it and learned, safely of course.

Pikes Peak, Colorado Springs

Pikes Peak, Colorado Springs

The signs leading up to the shooting range.

The signs leading up to the shooting range.


kinda creepy, kinda morbid...

kinda creepy, kinda morbid…





the boy, my teacher, identity concealed ;)

the boy, my teacher, identity concealed 😉

Serious Business here!

Serious Business here!



7 thoughts on “Tuesday Newsday, another quick update to keep you entertained/interested in me ;)

  1. I highly support this and encourage you to continue shooting and invest in your own firearm or firearms. 🙂

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