Well hello everybody!!

I have some fantastic news for all of you!

You know that phrase “when one door closes, a window opens”?

Well, a dozen of windows have just opened up!

2013-07-12 18.54.38I have officially finished up with my personal training school classes two weeks ago and last Friday, I officially graduated from the National Personal Training Institute of Colorado……with honors!

I didn’t know until graduation day that I was getting the honors title because it takes have a 95% class average as well as a nomination from a teacher!

It was a simple graduation, the shortest graduation I have ever been to or been a part of. Literally, the ceremony lasted about 20 minutes or so.

When my name was called, I went up for my packet of certificates, smiles for pictures and went back to my seat.

We all (my mom, her fiancé, her soon to be mother-in-law, and the boy) went out to eat and celebrate at the Yard House.

In other news, I have been offered a permanent position coaching bootcamps! For the last few weeks, I have been coaching bootcamps for a local company called Camp MissFits. It’s an all women’s bootcamps, focusing on the holistic approach to fitness. This means, it’s personal training with the camaraderie of a bootcamp. Women come to these exercise groups as a way to stay motivated to reach their goals. The holistic part is that we, as coaches, and the owner get to meet with the ladies one-on-one for the personal part of the training and the owner helps with nutrition advice and meal plans as well as mind state.

I have really enjoyed doing this, although, I still need a little bit of training considering this is my first actual fitness job. However, they liked me enough or I must have showed enough potential to offer me a permanent position!! (I was on a trial, which is why I didn’t say much about this to my blog world or other friends – I didn’t want to count my chickens before they hatched). I am also doing some administrative work for the company.

Even though it’s not a full time gig, it still allows me to finally quit Bally’s because I have had some other call backs and potential additional jobs as well – making me feel comfortable enough to quit.

With that said, today I handed in my two weeks notice to that horrible corporation!!!

Needless to say, I am fantastically happy right now. (It also helps that there’s a special someone in my life I’ve been spending time with as well). Things are turning around, finally. I’m not 100% in the clear yet, but there’s a lot more breeze from those open windows in the room. 🙂

(Also, stayed tuned tomorrow…I have a long awaited post scheduled!)

10 thoughts on “Graduated!!!!

    • Hey, we still need to do a run together!! No that your post Ultra and stuff, we should just do a light, short run! I have more free time! Maybe a lunch time jog….on a cooler, Colorado day!

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