Tuesday Newsday Is BACK!

sedona marathon event logoI’m brining back Tuesday Newsday because………

(drum roll please)……………..

I have begun marathon training again!!!!!!

That’s right! I have officially picked another marathon and picked a training program and have officially begun training. I have been running for the last few months, but just to maintain my fitness level. I’ve done a few small races here and there.

As you can see, and may have heard me mention, I have picked the Sedona Marathon as my next one! It looks like a beautiful but really challenging event. More to come on that!

women's book of running logoAs far as training goes, I have picked a program from the Woman’s Book of Running actually. The reason is mostly to do with the way it progressed and that is was a 16 week program instead of 18. I really loved Hal Higdon’s program that I used last time, but I wanted something in between his beginner and intermediate. The one I found in the women’s running book was just right. Call me Goldilocks if you will.

So, training began this week with a 4 mile run Monday!

A little bit of an update on the rest of life….

I’ve been a little missing in action due to a lot of things: work stuff and well, mostly because of dealing with a break up. Sad day in Denver; but yes, my relationship has indeed come to an end. Yes, I am very, very bummed about it. Blogging in general has been kinda hard considering I had waited a great deal of time to “announce” I was in a relationship in the first place and I have many memories of him helping me edit my posts.  And…that’s about all I will tell you about that.

So, I’ve been focusing on my family, friends and career. Really just keeping myself as distracted as possible.

camp missfitsCarrier:

-My duties at Camp MissFits are ever-expanding! We will be adding Private and Semi-Private Training to our bootcamps and I’m going to be the trainer! So that’s really exciting.

-I will/am still keeping my own business because I have had a lot of interest in people who are way out of range from where Camp MissFits is held; so that’s still in process.

-I actually will no longer be getting certified in cycling at this point. I have dissolved my professional “relationship” with the gym that I would be teaching cycling at and where I would have been “renting” for personal training.  With my loyalties to the MissFits, my ever-changing schedule, the cycling cert class being cancelled and a rescheduled a handful of times, and my business still developing, that “relationship” wasn’t ideal. But that’s ok for a few reasons. 1. I can train out of people’s houses or at parks, etc. and 2. that gym was also way down south, away from all of my interested people so I can look for other gyms closer and with more equipment.

-In the brief time that I was trying to get certified in cycling, I actually really enjoyed it. So I still might keep that in mind as something to do in the future. But, the next cert I will get will be the RRCA running coach cert….as soon as I can afford to register for the class and the plane ticket to get me there.


-I got to spend a lot of time with my out-of-town family this past week as they were all in town for……my Mother’s Wedding! Yay! Yes, my Mother got married this most recent weekend and I gained 3 new (step)siblings. Although, that’s mostly a joke because were all over 20 years old (almost) and our parents have been dating for 10+ years, so it’s pretty much the same between us. It’s still funny to think about.

"new" siblings, kinda..

“new” siblings, kinda..

-There was three days straight of wedding related things that ended with the beautiful ceremony on Saturday at Chautauqua Park in Boulder, CO.  Everything went wonderfully and smoothly and I delivered my speech nervously.

-Over the course of the three days, I got to see old family friends and spend time with my Grandparents, my Aunts and Uncles and my 10 year twin cousins! I forgot how much energy 10 year olds have but we got to have a sleep over every night in the living room! But man was I exhausted after the weekend!

Rehearsal dinner... being silly

Rehearsal dinner… being silly

Most of the ladies My aunt, her two girls, my mother and me.

Most of the ladies My aunt, her two girls, my mother and me.

The maid of honor and the flower girls

The maid of honor and the flower girls




Although I’ve lost a few friendships over the time here and there, I have a little more free time to rekindle old friendships and spend time with people I haven’t seen for a while. It’s been great!

My best friend and I...we've known each other since we were 3 years old! And she did the wedding parties' hair!

My best friend and I…we’ve known each other since we were 3 years old! And she did the wedding parties’ hair!

So that’s a bit of a run down on what’s been going on. I can’t wait to keep you all posted with training updates and let me know if you know any cute, single, running guys! 😉 Just kidding. (But not really).

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