Sedona Marathon Training – Week 1 Recap

Wow. What an overwhelming week last week was! Luckily, my training is off to a good start! At least I think it is.

Marathon #2 Training – Week 1:

IMG_20131017_122722Monday: 4 miles, easy due. 2.77 easy with my cross country girls. This week was filled with easy miles for cross country because Thursday was regionals!

Tuesday: 1 hr fartlek due. 3 miles (about 30 min) fartlek. I actually called it short because I wanted to check out a cross fit gym that just opened by my house. It’s literally about two blocks away. I’ve fallen off the bandwagon when it comes to resistance training so I’ve been thinking about ways to motivate myself to add it in my weekly regimen again. Since the gym is so close, walking distance, I’d have no excuse to miss training days. But, when I got to the gym, they weren’t even open; Closed for lunch break! I did contact them by email and I’m still undecided.

IMG_20131022_163742Wednesday: Rest day! But I actually got in 2 miles with the cross country girls.

Thursday: The plan called for 2 miles warmup, 2 miles tempo, 2 miles cool down. I got in 4 miles at home. Kinda threw in a tempo chunk. Kinda. The cross country team I coach had their final meet this day at Regionals and then we all went out to eat as a team at the Keg (expenses paid!), a very nice steak restaurant!

Friday: 3 miles easy due, 3 done! Here in Colorado, we had a lovely, short snow storm that I drove through in morning. But being Colorado, it was done and over with by 10am, the sun came out IMG_20131020_224017and I had a wet, cold run as I ducked under sagging branches weighted down with the moisture.

Saturday: Rest day. I wish I could say my mind got a rest day. I was bombarded with un-needed stress and pretty much had a melt down!

Sunday: 8 miles due. 9 miles! And what a great run!! I haven’t felt that good and accomplished in a long time! I ran the entire 9 miles without stopping (despite minor complications – see this post) and felt good! And strong!

Week 1, total miles: 23.77

So, I’ve started marathon training, what about all of YOU? Are you currently training for anything specific?? Let me know!

5 thoughts on “Sedona Marathon Training – Week 1 Recap

  1. Over-raced and under-trained,as the RD told me. Two-thirds of the way through my goal of 500 race KM while I’m 50. Pointing towards the Louisiana Half Marathon in January.

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