Sedona Marathon Training – Week 2 Recap

My weeks just keep getting crazier and crazier! I thought with a career change my life was supposed to be LESS stressful.

That is not the case right now!


Let’s talk about running!

sedona marathon event logoSedona Marathon Training – Week 2:

Monday: 4 miles easy due, 4 miles easy complete. It was a lovely fall day and a lovely run.

Tuesday: I was supposed to do 4 x 800 but it ended up being 2 x 800. I started my workout. Ran my first 800 (a small 2 block loop I mapped out around my house – the neighbors probably think I’m crazy), then added some abs and pushups up in the mix, kinda cross fit style. I ran my second 800 (in the opposite direction) and followed up with my exercises. As soon as I started my 3rd loop, I felt super nauseous and turned about after the first block. No idea what was wrong. So, I went back inside, ate and felt better. Who knows!

Wednesday: Rest Day!

Thursday: I was supposed to do a tempo run with a 2 mile warm up, 2 mile temp, and 2 mile cool down. Just like last week, I keep running out of time on Thursdays and had a marketing event I had to go to. I only got in a quick 3 mile run. At least it was something.

Friday: 4 miles easy. 4 miles done. I actually had a running “buddy” on this one and we ran in Wash Park in Denver. If you’re in CO you’re probably familiar with the area. I, however, live under a rock, and had never been there. It’s a very lovely park with a two mile loop around. Lots of young runners and walkers enjoying the sunset.

joan jet

Me as Joan Jet!


Yes, this is me too…

Saturday: Rest day! This was actually a very fun day!  The bootcamp I coach (Camp MissFits), has a big annual event called the Pumpkin Bootcamp! It’s a fundraiser to raise money for the Arapahoe Community College Fitness Center, which is where our bootcamps are held. It’s a fun event where our members, staff of the college and the community all come for a workout with exercises that all involve using pumpkins… if they are medicines balls! I was in charge of the lower body exercises. The theme was rockstars and I dressed up as Joan Jet! After working out with my pumpkin, I went home to rest and changed in my zombie costume for a halloween party! It was a blast!

Sunday: RACE DAY! I actually did a race, the Halloween Hustle, a 5K down in littleton, CO. Expect to see a post this week on my recap! It was a great race!


Week 2 total miles: 15.1 miles

Other than that, work has been keeping me SUPER busy! I barely have had time to breathe/think!

I did want to share something fun/exciting/motivational for me that happened over the weekend. During the Pumpkin Bootcamp, a lot of the attendees were our Camp MissFit Members and their family. One woman, who isn’t much older than myself, I feel pretty close to. We get along very well and have the same hyper, talkative personalities. She brought her husband to Pumpkin Bootcamp. When she came up to me introduced her husband, she introduced me as her “running coach.” Over the few months that she’s been a member, I have given her running plans, tips and advice. A huge smile came over my face when she gave me that title! I really want to be a running coach in general and plan on getting my RRCA cert, but even without it and my current personal training and running knowledge, I’ve been able to help a client and that’s when I knew I picked the right career. 🙂

Your turn: Tell me about something that someone has said to you recently that has just brightened your day! Additional, are you in the fitness industry? Did you have a moment that made you realized you did indeed pick the right career??

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