Happy Halloween – Zombie Running Fun!

224994_511010345586089_1724897080_nIt’s not secret that I love zombies. But I wanted to sort something out for you all.

It’s not that I love zombies themselves….that would be gross. It’s the idea of a zombie apocalypse and what it would take to survive it. (Although, I do enjoy a good, gory, zombie kill in a movie)

I love zombie movies, books, tv shows (helllllooo Walking Dead!), games, clothes, posters, comics, etc, etc, etc….

I like almost all apocalyptic stories and you’ll usually find me with my nose in some dystopian post-apocalyptic novel (think Hunger Games), but my favorite above all is a zombie apocalypse.



A few things in my zombie collection..posters, books, t-shirts...and much more!

A few things in my zombie collection..posters, books, t-shirts…and much more!

running saves livesI have no idea when this fascination came from, but all I know is it’s something I think about often. For example, when in a new place, or just out and about, I imagine what would happen if someone in the room turned into a zombie and it all started. Right then and there. I figure out what I would use as my zombie weapon and my escape route!

Yes, I really do think about that stuff.

Yes, I have an active imagination.

I’ve even dressed up as a zombie!

Ribbet collage 2

Last’s year’s was pretty good!

Ribbet collage 3

This year, I didn’t do as good of a job for last weekend’s Halloween Party, but clearly I still had fun!

I just love zombies! So much, I’m forcing myself to drink the eight beers on the Old Chicago Mini Beer tour to “earn” my Zombie t-shirt! hahaha! (If that made no sense to you, check this link out for info on Old Chicago’s Beer Tours)

Anyway, to avoid further weird-ing you all out….I just wanted to wish you all Happy Halloween! It’s probably my favorite holiday!!

I don’t work tomorrow, so I will be enjoying some pumpkin carving, handing out candy, and then I will be going out on the town dress as a ……

Masquerade Girl………

What? You thought I was going to say zombie? No way! I’m choosing the cute factor this time….. I AM single again after all!

Ribbet collage 3

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