Sedona Marathon Training – Week 4 Recap

Well, I’ve got a month under my belt….only 3 months left! (Oh my, that sounds daunting). I am not happy to report that I’ve finally hit a bad week of training – totally due to my own fault though.

sedona marathon event logoSedona Marathon Training – Week 4

Monday: 4 miles due and complete. We’ve had some pretty agreeable weather here in Colorado over the last week. So it hasn’t been the weather that made my training not up to par.

Tuesday: For some reason, I don’t like running on Tuesdays. hahaha I pushed this day’s workout to Wednesday.

Awesome seats for my first Av's game, huh?

Awesome seats for my first Av’s game, huh?

Wednesday: 4 x 1000s. I actually made it through this workout very well. I squeezed it in at work in between training and a meeting with a client. I ran on the treadmill and made sure to increase my 1000 meter pace to potential race pace. (Honestly, with the way the race profile is for the Sedona Marathon, I have no goal race pace; the course is super hard!). Once I finished running, I joined my boss in a quick workout using the TRX, a BOSU and weights. It was fun – I love working at a gym!

Wednesday night, after work I was invited to my first ever Avalanche Hockey game!! I’m pretty lucky; I spent it with a special someone and enjoyed my first time watching the Avs play. We lost, unfortunately, but it was still a blast.

Thursday: Not gonna lie, I had no desire to run. I work up with a hangover headache (shhh don’t tell), from the previous night’s activities. I was supposed to do a tempo run, but I also woke up with some incredible knee pain out of nowhere. At work, I spent a good amount of time foam rolling my legs. My idea worked, and the pain subsidized for the rest of the night, but came back the next day. I think it just a matter of stretching and foam rolling MORE than I already am.

Chillin' and Grillin' on the mountain

Chillin’ and Grillin’ on the mountain

Friday: 4 miles due……SNOWBOARDING DONE!!! I caved and ended up getting a cheap snowboarding pass. I spend the afternoon, after work, up in the mountains getting my first day of riding in for the season. Ah, the joys of living in Colorado! And if you don’t think snowboarding equates to running three miles or so, get your butt out here and try it. When you’re constantly up and down the mountain, you’re getting PLENTY of exercise.

Seriously, I LOVE living in Colorado…take a look at my day… I worked early in the morning, coaching boot camp, finished up some administrative duties, then met my special friend, headed to the mountains (only an hour and half drive) and we were snowboarding all afternoon. Then, we brought out the grill and had brats before we heading back to town. Fantastic, right??

Saturday: Rest day.

Sunday: 12 miles due…3 complete! What an AWFUL running attempt. I felt weak, my knee hurt, my stomach hurt, I was light-headed, my legs felt like jello…shall I go on? It was totally one of those days. I’m guessing it just because of my altered training schedule from earlier in the week, but I vowed to be diligent to training this week, and will still attempt my next long run this weekend. So what did I do when my training run goes horribly? Bottomless mimosas and football watching. 🙂

raining play it safe

Other than training. What’s new?? Work seems to be going well – I have been doing a LOT of thinking on the future, career wise. I’m getting really antsy to write down a plan of my goals and where I want to be in the next few years. It’s an intense project.

And otherwise, life is good. Your turn: Since I had an awful run on sunday, what do you do to overcome these? Bottomless mimosas like me? Or do you get mad at yourself? When your body is just not feeling it…do you just call it a day, push through it, run half your mileage, etc, etc?

9 thoughts on “Sedona Marathon Training – Week 4 Recap

  1. Every once in a while we need a bad run to appreciate the good ones. You are very early in your training, so this bad run will have no impact at all. Next week will be better!

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