Sedona Marathon Training – Week 5 Recap

(I actually did finish this on time for Tuesday Newsday, I just forgot to press publish! Such is life!)

Welcome back! I have every intention of writing more than one blog post a week and every intention of writing some more interesting, running related posts. But for now, you’re stuck with my weekly updates on how training is going. But guessing that most of my followers are runners themselves, I’m sure you’re ok with that!

sedona marathon event logoSedona Marathon Training – Week 5:

Monday: 4 miles easy, done and done.

Tuesday: 1 hour fartlek due, 45 min fartlek done. I woke up a little later than I wanted to, so in order to squeeze in my workout before going to a meeting I had, I had to shave 15 minutes off. I did another “fartlek ladder” this time. Starting with a 10 minute warmup then: 1 min ON (race pace), 1 min OFF (slow jog), 2 min ON, 1 min OFF, 3 ON, 1 OFF, repeat 3 ON again, and back down the ladder with a 10-ish min cool down. QUESTION: Do any of you do workouts like this??? This is the first time I’m incorporating any type of speed work into my own personal training program. I find this workout in particular pretty difficult, but once I finish it, I feel very accomplished. I did quite a bit of speed work with the cross country team I was coaching, but on a smaller scale and I wasn’t training for anything.

Wednesday: Rest day. I’m really good at rest days.

Thursday: Um, I also skipped this workout. It was supposed to be a tempo run. 3 mile warm up, 3 miles tempo and 2 miles cool down. Slacker? Yes. Tired? Yes. Lazy? Yes. But, hear me out! I was up late the night before! Ok, not a good enough excuse? Then…I got nothin’.

Yes, that person in the picture is actually me.

Yes, that person in the picture is actually me.

zombie tshirtFriday: 5 miles easy due. Snowboarding complete. I got in a lot of snowboarding this day. It was a good day on the mountain, they opened up a few more trails than last time I was up, and I got off work at 8am. Snowboarding was a a done deal. After cleaning up, the special someone and I got pizza and drinks at Old Chicago where I picked up my long awaited zombie tshirt that I earned from the halloween mini beer tour.

Saturday: Rest day actually scheduled. It was a busy day though. Work followed by a mimosa brunch with my bootcamp ladies to celebrate them completing an 8 week team challenge. Then I attended my first ever baby shower. How many jokes can I cram in about not having babies?? Then I met up with a friend for a drink and followed up with an early night in. I’m pretty sure I was asleep by 8pm. No joke.

Sunday: Woot woot! 14 miles due. 14.4 miles complete! BOOM! After last week’s failed attempt at my long run, I was not looking forward to this run. But I made up my mind the night before that I was going to do it. Just get up, get dressed, eat my breakfast (and drink my much needed coffee) and run my 14 miles. And I did. Sometimes that’s all it takes, changing the mindset.

The run itself was decent. I wasn’t really feeling tired until there was about 3 miles left. Mostly my calf was sore from previous week’s activities, but as I was nearing the end, my hip and knees started acting up and feeling a little painful.

Pre-Game, watching the Half Time Show Practice for Honoring our Veterans. The Row closest to us is the Wounded Warriors and there's even some doggies with them!

Pre-Game, watching the Half Time Show Practice for Honoring our Veterans. The Row closest to us is the Wounded Warriors and there’s even some doggies with them!

After the run, I had to shower and change and get ready to work the Bronco’s game, so I spent the following 7 hours on my feet.

I woke up monday morning pretty sore; mainly my left hip (which is the same hip that was bothering me mid-year after the Tough Mudder). So I decided to take it easy and foam rolled for a good hour.

Upcoming: I have a busy week at work, but this Saturday starts a week long “vacation.” I am heading to Fayetteville, Arkansas (oooo, exciting, I know) to visit my Dad and Grandparents for Thanksgiving. I actually WILL be getting to run a race in that state, and I’m really excited to knock off state number 11 (and to get a week off – although, I have a lot personal projects I want to work on, career related).

Your Turn: What are you thanksgiving break plans?? Am I still allowed to call it a break as if I’m still in school?? Sometimes I wish I was still in school.

4 thoughts on “Sedona Marathon Training – Week 5 Recap

  1. Good job on your long run!! Have fun on your trip! I will be flying for a few days to Germany to surprise my sister on her birthday. Can’t wait to see her and her face when she sees me 🙂

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